I'm so merry right now

I arrived home, started the game, looked at my drone build (pfffff), noticed my dunhorse was complete.
So i mounted it on my main build and went to test it, the first change
for my surprise i noticed my Gremlins are back, they work again. I can look to whatever and they keep firing.
Just like this…out of the blue no notification, no upcoming balancing news.
Devs, thank you so much…
I’m back to smashing.
I was getting tired of that all Bruce Lee Be like water, strike like whatever BS
float like a butterfly sting like a bee stuff.
Now, i will show them my big sledgehammer when they are on my big anvil


It was posted in the update that was released today in the bug fix section, check the post, Mr. twister
I posted

  • Fixed a bug with incorrect firing angles of the shotgun “Gremlin”.

Gremlins are fun. I should get some again.

Yeah they were on the bug fix list. How do you like them now that they are fixed again?

I tried them out yesterday.
It was good to return and having my main build again.
it was strange to go at 70 kph again after spending a few weeks at 120 kph, but know i have stopping power.
Drone build is good for a change of pace but not for sustain the grind .
How i missed my heavy build

How much?
Nobody will hear you scream much :slight_smile:


Good, good…

But why did you ask that?
are they going to get nerfed?

Idle curiosity if they fixed them correctly and worked well with the new movement follows aim control that type of thing.

well, i don’t have numbers, but…
Movement follows aim control was what it broke them in the first place.
What i can tell you, they feel like they used to feel.

If i may…Personal likings aside
Don’t be too hang up on getting the perk going .
Integrate your gremlins/gobblins in your build, buried them deep.
Use thin or cabs with flatten forms.
i’m saying this because often i see builds with these guns protruding too much
this way the perk is not activated as much, it’s a con, but the upside… it’s harder to get deflected or be entangled with team mates or adversaries, also this way the weapons don’t get in the way when speaking about handling or manoeuvrability of the entire build.

It’s why i undermounted them, not entirely for protection but mainly for what i said.
I will try another configuration with a medium/heavy cab but following the same philosophy.