I'm uninstalling XO

The constant flux of gameplay for the purpose of monetization has made my builds, playstyle, and skill obsolete and the game not fun. I can’t beat hitscan. I can’t beat omamori spam. I do not want to play camera steering. I don’t want to play Gerridas which have completely powercrept every single strafing movement part except blue hovers. I don’t want to play hitscan to beat Athenas and Nothungs. I don’t want to play low powerscore which is just another boring car game.
This is a worthless pile of parts now, just like my dual auger builds. I can’t even be bothered to upload any more of the 100GB of clips I have.



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Get gud

This is how you respond to someone who has been a genial member of the forum for over a year?

If you really are uninstalling it with the intent of not playing again, I suggest selling everything in your inventory first. I think that is what it will require for me to uninstall it permanently. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times. Lately, it stays installed for a much briefer amount of time, though. I lasted less than an hour this time. I suppose I foolishly retain hope I will login and find the game fixed. As a dog returns to its vomit, I returned to cross out. Or something along those lines.


Most of them come back after a while.

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See ya :wave:

what do you mean hitscan? im unfamiliar with this term.

what did you expect after they got buffed / nerfed? i think the omamori should not have that much damage absorption.

i seen a ton of people using these. though they are useless with other movement parts, having wheels mixed with them delays their strafing significantly. i only have the 4 from the battlepass and i dont plan on getting more of them. legs arent really my play style anyways. i dont like my build that far off the ground and enemies just tend to love getting under me so i dont run them.