Imagine this

a 100% free season pass with nothing but new weapons, cabs, modules, wheels :joy:

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If they make a free weapon for everyone I would imagine it being something like a legendary rocket launcher with the hp of a Wasp, firing mechanism and missile trajectory of a Snowfall, weight of a quasar and damage of a singular thresher pellet and also energy drain is 7 energy

if they did that the playercount would probably quadruple

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That’s why it wouldn’t happen. They want less players that pay more, not more players that pay less or nothing.

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or free relic with 50 durr nd mass of 20,000 id take whatever as long as its useful even if its cabs that have max mass of 1,000, its better then stickers nd other junk thats useless :joy:

Free relic avalanche for all players that you can only place on your build with the cannons mouth hugging your own cabin, upon firing instantly destroys your own build, plays a loud bass boosted fart horn sfx and fireworks pop up for all to see that read “PURCHASE CROSSCROWNS BUY ELITE BATTLEPASSES” and stay there for the rest of the match