Improve the speed of small updates

The game should be quickly updated and corrected for some unreasonable areas, such as the ability of the Avenger, without thinking about the bad effects on other aspects, because if new parts are not added, new problems can be reverted, although there are still some losses, Overall,the benefits outweigh the disadvantages

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how much are you willing to pay though?

My coins can already be used with whatever I want to play

you can have coins up the yin-yang i couldnt care less. im talking actual money. maybe 5$/month? its just a pack of cigarettes after all and skula needs loads of potatoes.

This may make more players enjoy the game and make them spend money, as did they design the game in the first place

In fact, the main thing is the adjustment of the balance, which should not cost much, and the adjustment similar to the area heating added by the radiance added

60 dollar packs not enough?

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