Improving Marble Quarry Map

Currently this map is pretty awful, there are no routes of engagement or ability to force cap pushes. I had a quick play around with editing the map cover and routes to improve on this map.

This is currently where we stand:

Red are the solid walls you cannot traverse (yeah I missed one, bite me, lol), green are currently the only engagement routes and pink was to represent the only cover on the base and how you can still have angles on you from safe locations if the enemy choose to use them.

Quarry 1

So the issue is that players with longer range weapons have the ability to simply sit in spawn knowing the enemy can only engage them at close range from 2 ways. They then also have enough space behind them to run backwards and bait any threats in closer, so unless a full close quarters team co ordinates an attack they will be split away from each other.

I’ve removed some of these walls and added cover in locations to show how this map could easily be improved:

Quarry 2

Quarry 3

By removing a bunch of the walls around the edges of this map you can create double the amount of engagement options rather than a predictable pigeonhole.

Angles from each side are still viable but have more cover for players to go and use them. Seem on the left players will now be able to flank and also not be able to sit and use the left angle to attack players on the base; this spot could be used knowing full well anyone who engaged you would be stuck in the basic area with no exit plan, most players will not engage here because it could easily mean death and being pinned in with no escape.

On the right hand side you’ll be hindered less by walls forcing you out into the open while also having more cover over there for engaging the people more in the spawn zone, this is a small map after all and cover is important. You can then use this spot to engage the enemy but you’ll still have that risk of the open ground before you get there.

For the base I’ve added 1 building in a more central position but the black bars you see are my idea for adding cover which already exists on the map; they are the conveyor belts seem above the base, but they can instead be broken and on the ground, creating actual cover spots on the base to force engagement more naturally. Currently there’s just no cover or safe way to do this without being flanked from that right side. Now you’ll have cover from that side, that side will have cover and you’ll need to push to get those angles for either team.

I’ve also added a bit more cover just outside of spawn, as spawn shooting is way too easy on this map.

Let me know what you think, I really think this map is the worst map currently in the game and much like Bridge I feel the solution is super easy and Id hate for it to take years so implement like with Bridge.

I don’t usually post here but wondered what everyone thought on this.

I think the design of this map is very different then any other map.

It forces a different type of play-style, which I think is a good thing.

If every map supported every play-style equally then maps would just be a reskin of the same old :poop:

I highly support different map designs that add different flavor to each match.

All build types should not be good on every map.

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No it forces sitting in spawn, map design is more complex, the use of elevation, cover, engagement routes and having different map sections to give advantages to different styles of gameplay are how the best maps are made. Currently maps like Factory have some of the best designs, allowing for all kinda of engagements; Quarry does not.

Even maps like Sector EX have more engagement routes and capture point cover than Quarry

Maps would not be reskinned, that would just be lazy and really shows your close minded attitude towards critical thinking and creativity. Look at other games like CGSO, Overwatch, R6 etc etc… they are all very different, but have all of these different routes and parameters I mention. It’s very possible and just because you don’t have those standards doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

All builds should not be good on every map? Why? That’s so close minded, every map should have routes and areas that allow different types of builds to engage at an advantage, and be at a disadvantage elsewhere… using this to their advantage and encouraging critical thinking when engaging. It’s that simple.

Maybe if you keep the personal attacks out of your posts people could have a conversation.

The whole “Your dumb becuase you think different then me thing” makes you look bad.

I think that you have some valid points in your post. I personally disagree with your view, and that’s Ok.

I think everything in your post was well thought out and everyone here welcomes good conversation. Everyone else does not have to insult your intelligence to disagree with you.

Cool down the “cool guy” routine a little and your ideas will be better received.

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No attack, you just feel attacked, big difference and not my problem.

‘can we just not attack eachother on 1 topic in this forum please’?
the only way to ‘solve a problem is not to create new problems’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
thats probly not true,but i don’t care… here’s a link to another quarry map problem… :wink: