In-game item trading?

Is it possible to trade/sell/gift in-game items to clan members or friends?
If it’s not possible I feel like that would be an awesome idea! There have been many instances where I found myself wanting to gift an item to help a fellow clan member.

I believe you can make cash purchases from the game-store, and gift those purchases to friends or whoever, but as far as the game market goes; no, you can’t sell your inventory items to specific players (like your alt account for example).

you for sure can try!

dont be such a debbie downer, where there is a will there is a way! and quite a few have gone down it.

Nope, because that would mean players stop pumping in money into the game which is the only thing this game cares about

yeah, like Savage said, you can go onto the gaijin sight and buy something in the store to gift to another player.

This is the only way that works right now…

I think it would be nice if you could loan items when in a group but I think it would be difficult to manage unless they had some type of group garage build option.

Well. This would take the accomplishment out of gaining items. Not sure if that is good for the game in the long run.