In-game poll - informing in battle

In-game poll - informing in battle


Once again, we want to hear your opinions on an issue directly related to future Crossout improvements. Being informed about what’s happening in the battle is a critical success factor. Therefore, it’s important for us to know what elements of the current system you consider to be convenient and which ones need tweaking. Let us know by taking a short in-game survey!

The survey will be available on all platforms from 11:00 UTC, June 29 to 22:00 UTC, July 3.

In case the poll doesn’t show up, make sure you have the “Enable surveys” option checked in the settings tab.


I do like it when they add polls.

But it seems like they would have more important questions.

Hmmmm… whatever :slight_smile:

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More prominent battle info would be helpful when the action gets particualrly hectic, such as weapon or base status. There could be an option to have flashing symbols show which side of the car is being damaged, green when that area is only lightly damaged, progressing to yellow and red. The center could indicate the status of explosive parts, prioritizing the most damaged one. Would be hard to miss if that were displayed in the center of the screen, with some transparency. With options to choose the location, if someone preferred in the bottom left corner.
Car status

BTW, before boosters got combined into a single icon, I was able to see I’m receiving a lot of damage when the icons for my seven Hermeses at the bottom of the screen started to disappear. That was very useful due to the high visibility of that visual cue. An example of one time that saved me:

But that’s when half the car’s armor is made of boosters. :smile_cat:

When you want to say “First!”, just go for it. No need to conceal it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I don’t mind being late with a constructive comment.

as long as we have the option to not have it, i want less trash on my screen

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Yeah this poll was kinda pointless in my opinion, but this game has a few things that are pointless in it like the patches

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I love they try but this was a pointless poll.

Looks like we will be getting score counter on our display hub. I like that.

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Hud customisation please

Actually wanted one of those.

Then the poll was not pointless.

It would be good if there was more info on the game stats. Maybe total damage dealt rather than a score which i don’t know what they base points exactly on?

Maybe also parts shot off? Movement parts destroyed or many other metrics which may be useful for some game types?

What other info would people like to see at the end of a battle?

I’d be happy with just my score sum on a counter in the corner of the screen

I don’t understand why anyone would need it. You know if your doing good or not, and you can see the points at the end of the match. If they add it I hope they add a check box to turn it off.

Points in this game are (for a lack of words) pointless.

The difference in rewards from winning or losing are minimal at best. There is no incentive to do well, unless you are in clan wars. And even in clan wars the only thing that matters is win or lose, points don’t do anything.

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I think thats the pint…lol… In CW, more info would be great to know and their was a website that you could join but they closed. Just be good to see some different things i think but yes, winning is what matters and the points are just a mystery most of the time