In The Grip Of Ice

well there’s 2 up for 45k (of course…) but it’s actually sold for between 400 and 666 coins… I got mine for 450… current buy offers are at 750

Indeed…all minty and chrome.

It’s delicious, and an important part of proper wasteland hygiene!

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minty fresh breath!! :smiley:

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Im going to see if theres weapons that I can really use to make it worth it, if not then the candy paint will be all im after which will drop in price on market while its given out for free during this mini pass.


A plow and a couple of Guardians.

No Mgs, No SGs, no Modules, no new armour, nothing

Seriously, this is just lazy.

Man, Syndicate BP and Guiding Star BP were the shit, this… this is just shit.
Very disappointing

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You should look closer. This is a roll your own battle pass. It is what you make of it.

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Look at the crafting window. The items you get from the pass are really just ingredients for pre-fused versions of weapons you might want.
This is how all the mini-BPs have been for a while: reruns of stuff from old BPs, plus a library of pre-fused stuff you can craft using the items from the BP.


You don’t get any of the structure parts if you already have them.

I know.
In one of my medium builds i’m running 3 heavy plows plus 2 small plows cause it’s a medium.
In my heavy builds i’m usually running all the plows.
I know i won’t get more.

Which raises the question, why is there a limit on structural parts? Why can you only have 1 freight train plow, for instance, or only 4 of the double wingblades? I’d like to have more than just 4 (2 left, 2 right) of the turret vault parts.

This pass is mighty tempting though. I have 4 guardians and already have fused heathers.

I could get 2 fatmans, 2 spikes and a toadfish (to match my other fused one). Seems like decent value for 10 bucks.

Alas, where are the balance patches?

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The server has to keep track of all these parts on each account and load them into each battle. That’s pretty taxing on hardware. I would guess this is why these limits are in place.

The limit is whatever they set it at.

Just figured I’d mention it.

No I didn’t mean the 80-part limit, I mean why can’t you own and mount, let’s say, 10 wingblades and store them in your garage. I understand about the 80-part-build limit.

Because people work out the best parts for mass/durability etc and they would just spam as many of them as possible… hence why we only have 2 train plows or 4 small plows etc…Imagine a build with all its movement parts surrounded by 12 small plows or something

I’m usually happy when a plow comes along, Guinding star BP speaking only of high value structure parts was amazing, Syndicate, same thing.
The first Hyperborea BP had two heavy plows as well a few more high value parts.
plus Mgs, so far, better than this one.
I remember from then to now some weapons appeared if not in BPs was in between, type of weapons that i normally would pass, but they caught my attention, some i have others i will get.
I’m speaking of AC-62s, AC-50s, Tempests (lighter in PS and variations of the Whirl)
Now, i’m not speaking only in two type of weapons.

I’m not being thick but as i was checking the crafting thing i’m not seeing much. what i see fall in two categories
e.g. i’ve been holding on 6 thunderbolts to build hammer falls for a while now, i will do it eventually but not just now, specially after a certain point using the same type of SG having to switch from that point onwards feels a bit strange and it’s a completely different ball game. And i don’t want to return full force to SG just yet.
Just quite very recently i jumped into the opportunity to build a couple of Cyclones, they are dandy.
The second category are just like what i see in Hawks ( drones) and vultures ( drones)
One is fun, a joy to play with and the other is just a flavourless waste.
As a footnote i would like to add
Why fuse, regardless if i like the fuse in question or not, now i have two times, or even three times the type of weapons i had before ( which was not hard to do), and i’m not seeing the need of fusing them.
I only fused a few, the ones i play the most and have been a endless resource of fun ( until now).
I still have my fused Still wind i will get a complete set a due time.
My fused Machinist cab has been the heart of my heavy builds
My fused Agressor cab is in my Storm Chaser