In the Multiverse


Would they play Crossout too in parallel universes?
And what would your other self do different there?

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As much as the wold has changed in my life, I do feel like I actually live in an alternate universe. Dementia is a short walk from where I live already, I think…I was certain Curious George had a tail.


Do you mean this guy? Curious George's TAIL has been found!! NEW 2019 Mandela Effect Residue - YouTube, it looks like you are speaking of a mandela effect.
There are many of those, some people say the earths geography has changed too, like we no longer have a north pole ice cap, or australia is now 150km from papua new guinea when it used to be surrounded by thousands of kilometers of oceans.

anyways, going off topic here.

I would like to think there is an alternate version of me in the multiverse that didnt waste so many coins constantly buying and selling items from the market in the last 5 years, he would probably be loaded with legendary and relic items now lol.

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