Inactive player in battle for uranium

This stuff wouldn’t bother me in reg pvp as much or even clan con for that matter because there’s not as much at stake but when your stuck 3 vs 4 in the final days of battle for uranium because you keep getting queued up with a player that sits and does absolutely nothing intentionally sabotaging the team is very frustrating to say the least lol.

I was thinking in going there with my builds ( drone, MG, SG) to see if i could get 7 or 8 pieces to be able to sell in the Market and get my inventory clean of the odd pieces i have.

JBR just triggered me yesterday with that crap.

" I will not speak much because this is for uranium", bruh your job is to entertain, do a decent vid and entertain, play for Uranium in your down time, don’t make a sub par content just because is for Uranium.
Be professional.

And besides how much do you expect to get after a week playing for Uranium? Not much.

Personally i must keep getting scrap, wires, plastic, i’m 10 parts away to be able to sell another batch in the Market.

you lose points even if you get 3x the score of your team combined but lose. this gamemode is bad, never ever supposed to even allow you some uranium

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Were you talking about me? or jbrider? because if it directed towards me then your the only one that thinks i post sub par content for a 4 minute vid that you didn’t even watch. I think most my videos is subpar content myself but at least it is subpar content people don’t mind watching so i keeps posting once in a while when i works of the nerve.

that was what i thought when JBRider said that or something in those lines in his vid from yesterday.
That wasn’t meant for you nor the following is meant for you either

People who are " professional" youtubers, people who have a certain dimension on whatever sphere, and have an income from it to live or to help their living, i tend to expect and demanding much more out of them.

Things like, a steadily streams of vids, homogeny in the quality of their content.
Pisses me off when they brake that either for Uranium wars or for some whatever girlfriend.

I mean, i used to watch this guy who i thought was funny, i enjoyed his ( scathing? ) sense of humour and commentaries to things but then all gone to shit, he mixed his personal life with his " job ".

Massive rolling eyes

I don’t have nothing to do with it, and i don’t care with nothing in that regard.

I found a monkey that danced and i liked his dance, but then he started to do some crazy monkey business for whatever reason.

Dance monkey, dance, entertain me, it’s all i ask from a youtuber.

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I don’t watch many crossout yt videos so i can’t weigh in there. crossout takes soo much of my time, you know like there’s 24 hours in a day and I spends 2 to 4 hours of that time playing crossout which is why i layed off the forum because i spends more time playing. I usually only look up crossout videos if I’m trying to learn something informative. Why i started watching xberlinx more even tho it is a russian only channel but hes the best of the best and I’m picking up on new strategies from the best.

Forum and YT are my main sources of info and even so i lose so much opportunities like fusion events or crafting things.
YT is mainly for relaxing, to be entertained while i do other things, a quick grab and go between things like walking the dog and dinner and so on.
So, “i won’t speak much cause this is for Uranium” tilt me a bit.
your topic and vid made me remember that phrase and lack of professionalism from a person that i expect more from.

I mean, he could make his content in underwear, i don’t mind or care, but i expect a posture from an news Anchor from a BBC channel or something.
And that is what most of them don’t get yet.

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I think it is because he’s a content farm but that’s just my opinion but I think his stuff is very good considering the amount that he uploads. Another thing too is that everyone got personal preferences when it comes to entertainment and the differences can be super subtle but very similar.

I’m more into youtubers that upload every few days to give both me, the audience and the content creator a break. Some people like jbrider just likes uploading everyday and his audience likes watching his videos everyday, I prefer youtubers that upload more like twice to once a week or even once a month even.

For example Veritasium is a youtuber that I loves and he only uploads once a month, it gives me a break from it, him a break and when he do finally upload it is really something special and i enjoy it more even if he can create content that is equally as good on lets say even a daily basis.

by content farmer, you mean multi content in a channel, that’s it’s just being clever, games can roll their belly up once in a while and being a mono channel it’s a bit risky.
Years ago, when i played ships i used to see Claus Kellerman vids to wind down to normal levels ( a palate cleanse if you want ) and i don’t even play or played tanks.

Those content creators that you speak of are awesome, the all thing is in another level ( and it has to be with the slower refresh cycle ) but unless you just discover them and you “bench watch” the thing, you will feel the need for faster cycle channels

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I consider a content farm just a channel that uploads like everyday or multiple times a day unless its like a news channel or war blogger channel it really depends. I say jbrider is borderline content farm because it also depends on the length of the videos as well, if he made like 1 hour videos everyday then yea he definitely a content farm.

xberlinx is fun to watch but i got no time to be watching a 4 hour live stream every day. I just chimes in once in a while just to see what they are doing. I prob skim thru like 5 to 10 minutes out of a 4 hour stream thats it but I still learns a lot in those short 5 to 10 minutes just watching him play so I uses his channel as kind of a a watch and learn type of channel but then again he only speaks russian so i don’t understand what they saying anyways.

And i’m ok with that too.

I can spend several days without seeing a vid of a particular channel and when i came back eventually there’s several vids to pick.
In those days when all the things are made and / or i’m too tired to play, there’s a good opportunity to see them.
I don’t watch streams, especially long winded streams, why i would see a guy playing for hours and hours instead of playing the game myself, it makes no sense to me, and my life don’t allow that either.
History channels may release a 3 hour compilation of a given subject, i don’t see those either, i prefer seeing by 20 t0 30 minutes parts.
I think the only stream i ever watched was Armchair Admirals from WoWs where two Community managers from the game intermediate a panel composed by 4 members historians and historians buffs where they discuss and comment every or almost every aspect of a famous battle. But that is very very rarely.

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