Incinerator/Jotun vs Argus?

Should Argus shoot down Incinerator/Jotun Projectiles?

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No, Argus does not shoot down Incinerator or Jotun projectiles in Crossout.

Reread the post…

this guy talks like chatgpt. however, chat gpt can handle the question better, its a toss-up!

sure and while your at it let it shoot down bullets, retchers, cannon fire, mandrake shots, any types of missiles and everything else in the game!

… all joking aside no it shouldnt be allowed to do that. if that were the case the jotun and the incinerator would be hard countered by these weapons and getting direct hits would be even more difficult. this would make the weapons useless in a pvp setting if even 1 person is running an argus because you wont be able to deal damage to them and would fall prey to their weapons without being able to defend yourself.