* Incinerator Poll -'Since Ravagers Ascension update'what makes a support weapon =a support weapon?

  • reverse the changes to help my team
  • leave them as they are now so i can’t help my team
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change it back and leave it alone please.
it WAS a ‘support weapon’
now it’s not
not sure what support means to you ?

'is an Air strike support? /how about Bombers? 'answer-Yes they are.
this should of never happened.


Fire puddle damage reduced from 5 to 2.5 pts.
Parts heating rate reduced from 20% per second to 5% per second.
Projectile blast damage increased from 30 to 120 pts.
Added parts heating from the projectile explosion (25%).
Minimum vertical angle at which the weapon can fire reduced by 5 degrees.

Comment: This weapon is too effective for a support weapon due to extremely fast parts heating over a large area. The changes are to increase the importance of direct hits, while reducing its efficiency as a support weapon for allies. The change to the angle of firing will make shooting forward easier.

Has anyone played them and/or Jotun since the update?
Looking at the notes, it seems like direct hits could be pretty powerful, but hard to tell from numbers alone.

yes i played them hence the poll.
weaker in patrol now,weaker all around,and good luck with direct hits on moving targets,use to get mvp in patrol yup they useless now and teams die because of this.
they took away support completely.

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I’m more curious about PVP. Bots will sit in the fire, which means you can play them very differently in Patrol.

its the same,pvp is worse.
pvp ,well for a fact u need great support in either mode,so one is not better than the other,they need to rewind this and leave incs the way they were. that was the great thing about them–‘being Support’

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for the jotuns its not that hard to get hits on people but the incinerators it is due to how they function. i just got in game and will test both.

The worst thing about this I think is just that it’s just really hard to tell when the shot is lined up correctly. When it’s day rolls around I’ll probably form more of an opinion on it. From past usage and trying to hit stuff it’s set up more to indicate where the puddle will land rather than where the projectile is going to land. That I think really needs some work if they are keeping these changes. There needs to be some separation between the puddle landing indicator and the trajectory indicator lines perhaps outlining the trajectory in black.

My friend is using them still, seems just fine with them still. He says it’s definitely a nerf but not on the scale people are implying.


your option should be named “reverse and allow again 80% CWs to meet with enemy inci and his slaves”

try play spider vs inci and bricks, then re-think all again. it was unplayable because of instant heat-up damaging in big area where bricks push you or hold inside.

well ofc, second nerf might be nerf wheel hvy-cabins push power also. and it should be done along anyway.

or just buff legs push power, because you need 11+ legs and legend cabin and pegasus to be able react to any bricks pushing your back or side where this bricks got only 6 wheels…

because if bricks win hovers and spiders, and with inci they kill ALL setups, it just break any paper scissor rock templates.

but yes… you play raids right? no CW in your interest… ofc.

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i tested out the jotun with the update and holy crap the damage boost is really good for it lol. i been landing direct hits like mad and the initial hit damage is really nice. the boost from the direct hits really makes a difference. dealing 300 damage on a direct hit is nice (2 jotuns both shots landing 150 damage each). i havent tried incinerators yet but i see alot of people using them. but i gotta say that boost to the jotun is very welcome.

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I’m glad I picked up a second Jotun and learned how to use them when they were weak. Going to have some good times with them now!

Try them on wheels with an oppressor (preferably buggy wheels). The rotation speed boost really helps land shots on fast moving targets.

Incinerators were the only weapon I had that let me support the team in levi invasions (to farm copper for coins), because nothing else I have is effective. Now that they nerfed incinerators into the ground, I serve no purpose there, so no more levi battles, no more copper, and I guess no more coins. Thanks Gaijin.

do you have a pair of jotuns? they arent bad and can do alot of damage with direct hits. imo they are more usable then incinerators.

I think they can still be pretty effective in Invasions. I find there are a lot of circumstances where you can get a direct hit on a Leviathan, plus they often get stuck and will hang out in a puddle for a while.
If you like Invasions, pick up an Acari. Best way to do a ton of damage from a safe distance.

Sad–u can’t aim with jotun on a heli.it just zooms in when u aim.and u cant see the targets.
if it worked like the inc i’d be happy,
try it,im not wrong…
besides they will nerf that too,wait n see.

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Maybe a basic scope on the underside of the heli would let you aim as it changes the pov?

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a support weapon is to help soldiers in the field. ie- carpet bombing,the atom bomb,nukes,patriot missiles,
its a fast highly damage wep.
why call for support if it does nothing?
what is it supporting?
it does the job others cant.and helps to tip the scale in ur direction.
this aint no woke war game ,or maybe it is now.

‘why do u think it has limited ammo’ ?

'and plus,it’s an AOE wep,so why does it need to hit the target? defeats the purpose…

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I did and the build I have used for years often getting MVP could not even get over 200 points.

The weapon was never strong, but could be played well. Now, it is pointless.

So, basically every single car I had was made useless by this update. Either making them not function at all or be no more effective than just having passibe melee.

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and you cant mount them sideways or upside down.


nope, it wont let you,wish it could for heli,maybe they will change it after the nerf :rofl:

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