does… the AOE on the incinerators seem alot smaller then before or is it just me?
the puddle looks very small to me, has it always been that small?
i swear it looks like they shrunk it a bit.

It was shrunk with the new update

why?! no wonder im doing so little damage and im not hitting anything with them. for what purpose did they shrink it?

If something works effectively, then it must be neutered.

If something doesn’t work effectively, then it’s working as intended. :expressionless:

i have the perfect pic to describe the emotion of that.

The only change I saw for them in the last upgrade was:


  • “Incinerator”:
    • now the upgrade increases not only the damage of the puddle, but also the damage from the projectile explosion.
    • replaced “spread” with “fire puddle lifetime +2 sec.”.

but to me in the garage and even in matches the puddles look alot smaller then they were before. even with the co-driver and the blight perk the puddles just arent that big. they look so small now.

I didn’t see it listed though on the stuff that was changed outside of upgrades.

In the upgrades if you had spread was replaced. That would change the size.

I guess they could be adjusting for the upgrade change and just didn’t mention it in the other section.

i didnt have spread though, the size of the puddles looks so small now. like you need to hit your enemy directly now to start damaging them. i know that hills have a part to do in it but on a flat surface i tested it and the puddles look smaller then what i remember, the perk from blight only makes them slightly bigger and idk if its 30% bigger but when i tested the size it didnt look that much bigger…

Not sure, I don’t see it listed anywhere else in here:

They did change the blight a little:

  • Perk damage bonus reduced from 40% to 35%.

That would cover some of the dmg loss your mentioning but not really the size of the puddle.

I’m just curious as I’ve wanted some for a while but I keep selling them every time I get them at a good price. lol… (I guess I’ll go look at the exhibition ones and see if I remember.) It was too hard for me to tell, as it still filled the areas I normally aim at.