Increase special tires ps and durability

Special tires should increase ps and durability to distinguish them from rare tires

Rare and special tires are difficult to distinguish from the attributes, but the gap between special and epic is large, and the durability of the big feet and twin tires of the same heavy tires is nearly double,As a transition between rarity and epic, he did not show the intensity he deserved in battle

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I 100% agree with this, and think it would reduce the remaining seal-clubbing issues (Hermits). Right now, aside from Shivs and the OP APC wheels, special wheels are just very expensive rare wheels.

My suggestion would be to swap PS scores around a bit. Common wheels are not worth 40 PS, Large wheels are not worth 90 PS, and APCs are worth a lot more than 75 PS…

Starter wheels 40PS > 20PS
Common wheels 40PS > 30PS
Large and chained wheels 90PS > 75PS
Lunar and Camber wheels 100PS > 90PS
APC wheels 75PS > 100PS

This would reduce the PS overlap between rare and special wheels, while pricing them more appropriately, considering their performances. Would also prevent noobs from overpricing their car with a bunch of white wheels, hoping it’ll fix how easy to cripple they are (it won’t)

I wasn’t/ain’t a fan of wheels having passive abilities or abilities in general, think they should just be tools to get you from one point to another point!