Do you think anything will ever be done to the rampant inflation in this game? Relics have now far gone out of reach for most regular to even somewhat deticated players that don’t have the deepest pockets or have been playing this game religiously for years and acquiring them when they were, even if expensive, still somewhat obtainable, and some legendaries are already becoming extremely salty in price. By the looks of it, if this keeps on going as it has gone, it won’t take long for even legendaries in general becoming so expensive that only clan players with access to uranium can generally afford them or own enough for fusing.

Or is this a way to try to prolong the life of the game in trying to force people to get into clans and create the illusion of a small but active and thriving, dedicated userbase?

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U are whining now for 30k a piece?
2017-2018 relics were more then 60k a pice and u did not have the posibilliti to farm so much uran like now!
So where is the inflation?
In, In ur head i guess :joy:
And the legendary parts have a inflation couse ppl play the requested amount
If ppl don’t pay the price will fall couse no-one will hold its stuff for ever


Nonsense. Nothings inflated relics and legedaries are the same price they always were give or take little and some legendaries are even cheaper like look at the vulture for example. The vulture was 2700 just 2 months ago now it is trading between 1300-1500 unless you are on console and your prices are different which I won’t be able to comment on and you should state which platform you are on.

My issue with the market (PC) is that many of the things I invested in have failed to rebound from their plummeting depths as of yet. I expect they will rebound eventually, but it’s been a long wait, so far.

From a short term perspective (last few months), I think the prices are low, but in regards to the long term, like over the last 3 years, some of the prices have doubled.

I think the market is unusually awkward right now. The price corridors create issues I don’t like, and the sales on certain packs items, and the simultaneous release of promotional starter packs has prolonged the price descent on some cabs and weapons, sending them to unusual depths, I think.

I’ll be glad when these prices return to their more common ranges.

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For a while, I was trying to track prices of things so I could “buy low and sell high.”

Yeah, I don’t have that kind of time or dedication. :rofl:

I did find at one time a spreadsheet online showing very detailed histories of CrossOut market prices. It probably still exists. If you wanted to “play the market,” that’d be the way to go.

As is, I craft very little, sell very little, and typically save my resources for special events or fusing sales they have a couple of times a year. That’s how I fused all my sledghammers, and since they’re so insanely effective, I’m slowly crafting enough Maces to build a slightly upgraded version of that build. But, you know… no hurry. Eventually, there’ll be a special event where you can fuse items 2 for 1 instead of 3 for 1.

As the clanwars populatuon decreases so too does the supply of available uranium on the market. As well theres the influx of newer players that havent played cw yet but are spending cash to get coins to buy up ore and craft a relic. Thats another factor that will drive up ore prices. So until a bunch of these new players jon cw and start dishing out uranium on the market relics will be pricier. We went through a period where uranium got fairly cheap and that began happeneing when clanwars populations were riseing.


Just wondering - how much coins are you talking about? And on what platform?

It’s much simpler then this. I never track anything and I have made millions of coins.

But I get it, it’s not for everyone.

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As is, I barely have time to drive around blowing stuff up with my stupid butt-dragging puppy build - which is about the most fun I can have in the game. Tracking prices was fun when I was doing it… it’s now a combo of not enough time & me being spellbindingly lazy.

the real world is crumbling under crushing inflation and they’re wondering if the games will improve 1st?


It’s over as soon as you realize there hasn’t been any. If anything there is DEFLATION. Relics that used to cost 60k are in the 40’s.

Purples that used to be 1800 are now 1200…

scrap that used to be 12 per 100 is now 16 per 100. However this is within the normal fluctuation of the market over time (12-19).

Remember, seasons and pack releases create temporary inflation. Temporary.

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we need back the best president ever that takes no sheet!



Found it… here’s the link

Crossout DB - Crossout Market and Crafting Calculator


I remember when relics used to cost 99,999 coins