Information (hovers)

I finished crafting my fourth upgraded hover and I put it on a light build shotgun build under 9K just to test. I took it out to the garage and I saw the change. People should not get rid of their hovers because of the changes on the hover. The only difference that I noticed was that you can now actually see the car or vehicle hovering closer to the ground to the point where you can see the hovers at an angle if that makes sense. Making it look realistic if you think about it and that real dynamics, that’s how it should have looked since the beginning. I noticed also that swings more but on long builds smaller builds have no issue. I guess it is to balance hubbers but other than that they feel normal. You’re just pretty much a little bit more accessible if you understand what I’m saying that is all I wanted to communicate. Thanks for reading my comment :v::sunglasses: I’ll keep posting, due to the fact that i am on Console Ps5 and there’s no test servers for us but if you’ve being playing as long as I have you can feel the changes and I have noticed on other changes previous. So yes, this changes trickle to console “ahead of times times sometimes”

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this is already live?

No, but if you’ve been playing a lot (years) and suddenly you feel the behavior of a part different and you think you’re crazy and then you go and read the patch notes on test servers and you read behavior you’re having are part of the upcoming patch update. You realize that some of those changes trickle down to console. I believe they do it on purpose on a few servers just to see how people react. And to see how the market moves. That is one big part fragile part of the game

i think youre imagining things.