Initial feels of the energy rework

So how are everyone’s initial impressions of the new energy rework? I myself am not noticing much of a change in general balance, and honestly all of my builds made the jump over to the new energy system without needing to be changed, I think 2 builds got 1 more energy to use.

For two examples I’m gonna use 2 of my builds, 1st one is a 4 Gungnir build, it sucked before energy change, it still sucks. I can now add a blue radiator, or cooler whichever was the one that lets you shoot longer, but it still does bad

Another example is an ok 3 executioners hover, it was ok to use before change, it is still same ok to use now, and now I have 1 energy left in the build for things like maybe an argus or an interceptor, except I don’t need either. I don’t run into drones at those ps to begin with almost at all, and missiles etc that argus helps against were never a problem to begin with, so I think I might even just not run an additional module maybe.

All in all the whole change feels like it’s done nothing, every 16/16 energy build I had is now a 32/32 build, but everything works the same because the parts themselves have not been really fiddled with. It just feels at most like a purely cosmetic balance change I just am not feeling it

Only builds that seem to get any kind of a proper use of this, as in can now run an extra 2 energy module, are Odin builds. Any build outside ones that use Odin feels like nothing has happened at all

so far the changes i think are looking pretty good, you cant balance a game by only making massive gamebreaking nerfs. omamori now costs 1.5 energy while golden engines remain 1 which i think they initially wanted to also make 1.5 so that alone is a pretty big change.
i see dog builds (and also my own hover) having to compromise on invisibility because of like 1 point missing, so considering the nature of this update (in my opinion being a pretty good balance patch) i think a new cancerous meta is around the corner

Remember that they also counter kapkans and mines, which might justify running one of them.
But it would also allow you to use a different generator if you don’t need that energy point, which could allow you to run more armour.

I like it though I ended up with more energy on a number of builds with no room to really adjust stuff because they are just build so tightly. On a few I was one under but it was just easy part swaps to fix. It will be fun tweaking stuff for a while.

There are some places where I would still like just 1 or 3 energy more but there is no 1 or 3 energy generators now. Those figures wouldn’t have existed prior though and were kind of happenstance on the changes of cabs and moves to .5 en items. They could have worked it out with something like large alternator (non-explosive generator - uses some engine power instead) and maybe a small fuel cell that probably could have fit in with the current bp.

I played some Levi wars early this morning. None of my builds were greatly affected because I mostly use legendary cabins and I am not hugely Yeti or Omamori reliant.

My favorite build these days is a Yokozuna firedog/Icedog/Flash brick and it went up to 11.5 points of energy so I didn’t feel the change.

Some guys in my clan who main Humpback shotgun bricks were very upset about the triple nerf. The energy nerf to Humpback, the energy addition to Omamori and the speed nerf to Phobos all added up to a great deal of cumulative pain. However, lots of people at levi wars played Humpback Hammerfall bricks and seemed to do fine. They just had to drop some cloaking or cooling.

Our levi driver had to drop a Toadfish from his build to make it work with all the nerfs plus the Hermes nerf.

I think the energy split is very positive, as it allows more fine tuning of buffs and nerfs for weapons and modules.

Argus is powerful at a half point of energy. If you have one fused for reload, it reloads in about 7 seconds. The drone is extremely useful to give the opponent levi something to shoot that isn’t you. Argus is now placed on every Levi wars build of mine and I’m advocating for everyone in my clan to get one or two or a barrier.

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