Initial thoughts about the "At the Gunpoint" brawl

I’ve only played it once, and in general, it’s pretty fun…BUT…I don’t like being so zoomed in on my car, that I can’t see where it’s pointing after I rotate my guns here and there. Half the time I’m trying to go forwards but wind up going backwards (or sideways, if using a spider build). This makes it extremely difficult for me to play effectively, as I’m spending more time just standing still or wasting time trying to orient myself.

As you would in a real car. I’ve built true first person builds (scopes are good for this), and it’s a bit disorienting. I love it

I only played one match but it wasn’t my cup of tea. I might bother myself to play 1 match per day for the 80 badges but there’s no way I’m going to bother playing for 3 wins on top of that.


The game mode itself is fun but the rewards being inside yet another RNG crate is stupid.

The way Twitch events work by giving you Cartridges that you can use to trade for something you want is much better than these loot boxes. It’s kinda funny how the Twitch rewards are better than in-game event rewards, given how little interest there is for Crossout on Twitch. lol

i thought the same, its… ok i guess… but the zoomed in camera on the cab is ruining it for me especially on spider builds.

I don’t know about you but I have zero problem knowing which direction my car is pointed in when I drive, even when I turn my head…

Same can’t be said of the new mode.

My thoughts are that it’s not very fun, not being able to see your own car is a big downside, the builds are lacking in imagination and weapon selection, grinding out just 3 wins per day for the crate is kinda exhausting. I have played worse gamemodes though, like steel championship after supercharged update and the sideways dashing events, but for me it’s not my cup of tea at all, I already find the current furthest away from car camera view to still be too close to the build compared the the glory days of crossout before supercharged happened. If they gave this playstyle option of a somewhat first person view in regular matches, I would not use it over the normal view, I hardly use scopes to begin with because I find it easier to aim outside the scopes on most weapons than with them.

I rate it a “Thank god droneapocalypse replaces it next week/10”


I was wondering what 1st Person meant…

They must be running out of ideas for brawls. Seriously.

And yeah, it’s a really annoying mode. One and done for the rest of the season (brawl). The regular challenges for levelling hopefully will be the usual but the ones requiring brawl battles are dead to me.

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The one thing that might have made the event a little easier is to run both challenges at one time. So it wouldn’t be two staged. (I’m mostly saying that because I don’t like the event and don’t want to play it so reducing a game from it would be nice.) It still really wouldn’t have gotten me that interested though as the rewards just don’t do anything for me. Coupons for workbenches might have gotten me a little more interested, that’s just me though.

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Well, this whole brawl has been high ping hell for me all morning today, normal matches work about as wonky as normal but I have only managed to finish 2 our of 10 battles, the rest I’ve gotten disconnected from after ping spiking to 600–800 territory

Which is not fun because I don’t want to play this mode besides the necessary grind for the crate, which I would have already gotten ages ago if this game mode could be stable to begin with

The more I am forced to play this mode the more I am starting to hate it, the matches boil down to which team can get all 4 players on cyclone spiders the fastest and by the time there is a 4000 gap between points and 3 minutes left of the match you just rather take the 10 minute unsportmanship penalty from quitting than keep playing because what’s the point when you don’t even want to play it after receiving the daily crate. Pushing into people and facehugging is even more of a strategy than it is in regular gameplay, and most of the times the maps themselves and any objects in ti feel like they are in the way, not to mention the camera steering sometimes just deciding to shit the bed and your build spinning around with it’s guns pointing god knows where, but not at the enemy that you have in your sight while your builds lags to follow or overshoots turning and makes you waste shots, that once again just make dps weaponry shine better than single shot weapons. Snowfalls and Waltzes suck a lat due to their firing mechanic

Honestly they should have just made the crate available from finishing 3 matches rather than needing to win 3.

And the crates giving out resources is an extra spit in the face, if they are there because both droneapocalypse and this event will give out crates and that would be too much free items for players if there was no fodder, then they could have just given the crates in only the drone event rather than in both and ditch out the random resources. But I imagine that the crates are there just to get people to play this fps mess in the first place, if it just gave out normal resources I don’t think most people would bother, for good reasons

I wasn’t too impressed with my first match in this mode, but decided to play a few more to get the second crate, and started to enjoy it.
I wouldn’t want to play this all the time, but it’s a fun break from the usual.

I’ll keep playing it for the crates and for the variety.
Definitely more excited about the return of the Droneapocalypse, but I don’t hate this mode.

It’s not that bad but I still don’t want to play it for 3 wins. I can deal with the 2 kill challenge though. I just see it as a oh and do this too issue as I don’t really care about the rewards they offer for it.

I got my three wins in three matches, so it was pretty quick for me. Don’t think I would have kept it up if I was on a losing streak.

You had to do a forth or more match before even unlocking that challenge though. That’s a pain when you don’t like a mode.

Sorry, four matches total.
First match my team got steamrolled, but I still got the two kills I needed for the first reward. Then played three matches where I was on the good team.

One thing I like about this event is the variety of weapons. Because I try to play a bit of everything, I felt comfortable playing any of the builds. And I was surprised at how well the plasma cannon build worked for me, as I haven’t played that type of gun forever, and they appear to have been buffed since I last tried them. Might pick some up.

I guess the only upside of this thing is that I get to try out two guns I like again that I can never afford, Athena and Ripper. Mostly just Ripper, Athena is like a consolation prize

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I dont know when they are going to learn that they are ruining this game by turning it into a third person shooter with clumsy character inertia and vehicular character models. Remove camera steer. Combat between two non cam steer omnidirectional players was so unique to this game which is the only one to ever have it and they had to ruin it.

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Mode sucks, rewards are rng so why bother I guess.

Their idea of first person is just a zoomed in 3rd person, lazy plebs.