Insane Durability?

I’ve played this game from the beginning and I’m trying to understand how some builds can be on fire and be absolutely throttled with damage and still survive. (Example: beholder build on fire taking repeated rounds from 8 guns on a levi and surviving for about 30 seconds)
I feel like something has changed or is being used to help prolong some builds… in game or mods I have no idea. It has the appearance of an unfair or modified advantage.
Anyone have any idea what the hell is going on with the state of this game?

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Never really bothered looking at when the fire starts. If it’s done on a percentage you could have fairly different amounts of health left though. Example: 10% of 5k vs 10% of 2k is a 300 dur difference.

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its called understanding how to build, most of u build weak shit builds cuz omg my fav YTber says this is how u should build, grim buddy if ur the guy on xbox u should already know if u have seen my beast in exhibition nd how ppl shit on my builds but in the end my builds can take a beating, if u wanna know u can learn from me

Some builds might not have that much durability, but might have lots of bumpers and plows. Those items have lots of durability, but don’t add to the overall durability of the build.

So in some cases, they may have taken enough damage for a burning cabin, but still have hundreds of remaining durability in plows, movement parts, modules, etc that can still soak up damage.

I’m not sure if I explained that well, but I tried!

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Certain modules/fusions can give insane advantages. Try looking onto that a little bit (that’s really the only legitimate way I can see this happening).

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lol u know how many build ive seen with plows nd bumpers nd gets owns very fast ummm ALOT :joy: :joy: :joy:

It depends on how you arrange them, and also how you are using pass through parts.
I don’t really build in that style, but I see people doing it effectively.

Anyway, my basic point is that even if the cabin is flaming and they have barely any HP left, there can still be lots of things that do have significant durability left that are blocking that burning cabin from being hit.

solid frame with no explosives in between, u will survive longer nd wont lose as much but i know im gonna get told that im wrong lol

this. fusions can give your builds more durability as well as reduce damage from all sources depending on what it is. one of the more powerful modules that helps absorb damage is the Omamori. it gives builds far more durability then it should really have.
omamori though is VERY expensive and is a battle pass only item but HAS been given though other battle passes, mini battle passes and has been available to craft through events.

I doubt that is what is keeping a flaming cabin alive though, as it seems to me that most people attach it to their guns, not their cabin.
But either omamori or the other passive defence module could explain it.

I still think it’s just clever building techniques, and possibly some of the new structure part damage resistance parameters.

Ive defeated a levi in CWs with a humpback punisher wheeled brick before, in a pure 1v1. How? I took 5000 damage to the cab, turned around and forced him to do it again by making him destroy the 5000 durability worth of structure parts. He never made it. By the end i was a burning skeleton with 2 guns and less than 100 durability.

His PoV tho?

Ah sweet, i just did 5k yellow against this slow wheel brick and now hes on fire. Let me finish him…

…wtf? Dude was on fire and i did another 6k damage. How TF is he not dead!!!


If you ask me, bumpers and plows beats high HP.
then and now.
Before all this recent changes and after.
Before when parts didn’t have resistance the plows and bumpers were the only one capable of dealing with was out there.
After, with the melee meta raging on, they chew things fast but they slow down a lot when they hit hard steel.
As i’m climbing up the PS ladder my builds are getting with less and less HP points but becoming more resilient.
And i know you know this from what i’ve seen from your creations, i even could say we went to the same School and took the same classes :slight_smile:

It’s more this.
Even going for high durability parts it’s not enough A SG build could go through a 4 layer armour ( terribull bars, canvas and three layers of APC roofs) like nobody business.
Once the rear part remake ( train plow, screeners, terribull bars) the all thing went more smoothly. I went from 2.1 or 2.2 K HP to 1.4 k HP

Once in the syndicate city map a guy in chat said.
A Machinist build with less than 2k HP ridiculous ( i don’t know where he saw that )
My answer was.

I have more durability than you 3 combined ( and i had) that build could withstand Avalaches, Mammoth and the other one.

My puncher can take 2 Avalanches shots and it’s not the third that will kill it . well could… now i don’t know. it’s a WIP.

At this point there are a lot of things to increase durability that can probably stack.
A build can have 3000-5000hp+ to begin with. so it will burn with 500+hp
Grizzly co-driver can give +30 dam. resist
Fused upgrade can give +10% dam. resist
Averter can give +30 dr.
Additionally build can be boosted by ally with cohort cab(+30% dam. resist)
Goliath increases durability of parts attached to the track+10%

So that’s a lot of damage resist bonuses can be stacked on single build, will quite possible go well over +100% damage resist at time, in theory. Also 80% resist would make 500hp feel like 2500.


It goes without saying that building techniques, fusions, and specific modules can help. While those things are valid, they are not what I’m trying to drill down to. I’m trying to figure out how builds, that basically have nothing left, can take a massive amount of damage for an incredible amount of time.
What is it that allows that? As an experienced player and builder I know a fair amount, but something seems to have changed recently that is allowing some builds/players to survive way too long.

Maybe a bug, happens sometimes, will be fixed if so.

This is easy to explain.
The fire starts when the cabin reaches a certain damage level. That does not impact specific parts.
There is also the possibility that it was not the cabin on fire as some other parts also catch fire before exploding.

I have a car called fuel getter, which has around 1k HP. However, because the engine is on one side of the cabin and an incinerator is on the other, it is a lot more durable that it appears. This car has most likely frustrated many people as they chased me after I lost weapons and it took forever to take me down or they never actually accomplished it, or ever worse, I killed them with passive melee.

The layout is VERY important to the survivability of the vehicle. Placement of explosive parts it important. Placement of bumpers is important. Placement of high HP parts is important.

You can test it out as it is on the exhibition. It is a fun support car, which often scores me MVP (which should not happen as the double damage from overheated cars makes them easy targets for teammates).

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I think they mentioned fixing that.

in the end just go ask ld jester on xbox he will tell ya ppl r cheating :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: