*Intellegence resource..what now ? 🤔

after unlocking all co drivers…
can we break them down into wires,scrap,batts ect…
can’t really sell them,thats not fair…
so what do we do with them?



I’m getting the impression that the game is reaching the point where the years of sprawling, unplanned, architecture has become too complicated for them to deal with efficiently. Every few months they abandon their previous system and instead of replacing it with the new one, they just heap it on top of the old one, and pretend like it wasn’t there.

The Coupons are just one example. Rather than updating current models with improved skins and function, they instead create another gun that does the same thing, with the same model, but with different stats and improved graphics. They make maps for brawls that are one-offs, and Adventure mode? Huh? What’s that?

How about update 2.0? They upturned the entire game with this new control system for what? A temporary helicopter brawl? They needed to buff the hell out of hovers…but had to do it in a way that maximizes grief for everybody? What was the point? Personally, I thought there would be a permanent flight feature to be reaped from the calamity, because that would have made some sense. nerp.

Their lack of planning and foresight is going to catch up to them in a hard way. I don’t know how it wouldn’t.

Maybe, it’ll make more sense in the future, and I’d me happy to be wrong about all this, but it’s hard to see from here.


This is part of the reason why I kept saying it was too flat of a system for the game. All they can do with the system right now is look for new combinations of skills and identify any missing skills from the old system to make the new co-drivers, and then repeat the cycle. Eventually they’ll either have to give second levels to skills or work on alternative pairs of the combinations of skills for them with different gimmicks for actives.

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I think it’s still coming… After Polar ends, probably.

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Hopefully, they keep adding co-drivers or make this resource tradable

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They sell the resource why would they make it tradable?

Making it tradable perhaps defeats the purpose of it, perhaps making it tradable for something that cannot be traded, such as experience, or some non-tradable item,it also can be exchanged for a tradable item, as long as it is not tradable itself

The cap of 8000 probably means that the developers don’t intend to make the extra wisdom useful,It shouldn’t change, if the devs are generous enough maybe they’ll let it de-cap and go to exchange

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Give them 0.5x armour to keep them in balance

I had all co drivers and max intelligence when they reset it.

I only got to earn some after they introduced a new co driver and I spent the ones I had.

This system seems way faster than the old system while being way less resource intensive.

I am ok with sitting at a max level intelligence for the next co driver introduction.

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They sell packs with tradable items in them, don’t they? Plus it makes sense and would make the player base a bit happier to have one less thing in their inventory that they can’t sell
Does that answer your snarky question?

Thank you for offering a reason why it’s not tradable without being snarky about it

It’s still essentially experience, just improved in the way it is now, but why can’t experience be traded, I think experience is a symbol of game length, tradable would no longer be a symbol of that, but not necessarily not, hence my use of “perhaps” in my previous answer,Well, there is a problem with the translation, I misunderstood it, I will do so only when there is an obvious logical problem

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Yep, this is one of the main foundational pillars that holds a live service F2P game up; fear of missing out. They cobble together these limited-time seasons and gamemodes to keep the game “fresh” so people keep coming back to not miss out on stuff and hopefully spend money. I, for one, had to waste engineer badges on all my original Founder’s structure parts simply because I didn’t feel like playing XO during that particular season.

It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t upturn one year’s event for something completely different the following year, an excellent example being last year’s Gronch event vs this year’s Up and Away event. I actually enjoyed Gronch and the helicopters were just frustrating constant homing-missile warnings. I rather they do something like they did with Red Light and Radiance, same foundational gamemode but slight differences in map and maybe a few mechanic tweaks.


Agreed 100%

There is so much they could do to “flesh out” the existing factions, maps, & features without these half-hearted special events.

I count nearly 60 engineer structural parts…
Something like around 30 Steppenwolf parts…
What are there… 8 in the HyperBoreans?

How about the next event add a few Stepp parts… then Firestarter parts…

And the maps… How about instead of any NEW map, we make better use of the ones we have. Maybe make some of them BIGGER.

How about we use the Adventure map (the game’s biggest wasted feature).

And, back to the original point of the topic, when a new co-driver is introduced, make the perks easy to understand…

This dude makes your machine guns fire 2.4% faster and do 33% more damage, but only if there’s a teammate within 30 yards of you using landing gear tires & you’re going over 49kmh. :thinking: :roll_eyes: :roll_of_toilet_paper: