Intelligence for purchase

This is a little ridiculous…


Would selling incel points to impatient kids have been the reason behind making us lose thousands of coins in resources spent on levelling up the previous co-drivers? It’s recently become very obvious that Targem no longer counts on new players to stay long. This is a quote from a recent news post about the change: “At this stage of learning, the new co-drivers system can greatly affect the balance in battles. Those players who are close to reaching max level and have unlocked one or more co-drivers may have too much advantage over those who are at earlier stages of the game and cannot unlock a co-driver yet.” But didn’t players below level 30 play separately? I don’t remember if we didn’t have any co-drivers to start with - not even Master Jack? IIRC, some of the co-drivers required unlocking an advanced faction, which required gaining level 10 with a corresponding basic faction. Is that now too much effort for new players?
The removal of the 24-hour delay period between changing factions is another symptom of this trend.

Has the playerbase degenerated to this level of impatience/laziness, or was the change mostly motivated by a potential opportunity to make a few rubles by selling incel points? Or has gameplay quality deteriorated so much that Crossout can’t be expected to keep new players just on the merit of its fun factor? The average skill level in teams at PS arund 12K is so bad now, that I might just quit for this reason alone. I can take the developers’ lies, being bullied by moderators, I accept the grind, but I can’t play with teams that don’t care to improve their skill.

At the current resource prices, unlocking the 10th skill would cost around 347,5 coins, and the 15th skill around 1570 coins. I don’t have a screenshot handy for unlocking the 5th skill. But maybe around 2000 coins in total? Even a few years ago, it would’ve been a lot. A few weeks ago, someone said in the chat it cost them 1400 coins, which probably was a long time ago.
The cost of unlocking two co-drivers fully, four up to level 14 and one up to level 9 would be equivalent to around 5500 coins at the current resource prices. I’d really love to be able to sell those resources or receive adequate compensation, at least in some untradeable items. Maybe there could be coupons to buy items from the market, which would become untradeable upon purchase. Anything to make this not feel like having lost 5500 coins (minus 10% sales tax).
For unlocking 92/105 skills, I received 36768 incel points as compensation.
2022.07.14 003
2022.07.14 004
The previous co-drivers originated from the factions, so leaving them in would’ve made sense lore-wise, with just adding the new ones. The fact that there weren’t added co-drivers for the Founders and the Syndicate makes me wonder how long ago the developers decided to do away with the prevous co-drivers, without letting us know. You know, to maybe help us not lose all those recources.

Hans added +2 sec. flight time to the Clarinet, and because I can’t have that now, I won’t be able to use the weapon just as effectively, probably take a break. I’ll be sending in a suggestion for such a co-driver presently.

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Yea, This is a complete hit in the gut. I’ll be putting this game away for awhile. I’m sure there are more that will follow. Played a ton and had them all unlocked, now i need to do it again. NOT.

I don’t even need all the codrivers. I guess I’ll save my intelligence points for future codriver introductions. It seems like the “smart” thing to do with my extra “intelligence”.

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ohhhhh look at you mister smarty pants! xD

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Since you can get 4000pts a week and you can only save 8000pts, the smart thing to do would be to spend all your points.

Before they introduce a new driver you will already have your pool completely full again.

It is a waste to not spend them.

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not to mention who knows IF and WHEN they might introduce new ones. they said they MIGHT introduce new ones in their update post. did you read it?

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Yep, this is why it is not smart to keep points. Just spend them all.


Oh ok. Good to know. I guess I should read up more on this lol.

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This codriver revamp is one thing I don’t need. Other online games have done this too, forcing you to redo what you already grinded, or have to relearn something all over again. I don’t have time for it. Didn’t bother going through it with the other online games, not even going to look at it here.

It does not really change much.

Your not doing yourself a favor by not looking. It takes like 30min to adjust your cars.

And if building for 30min is a reason to leave, then I don’t think you ever really liked this game.


Ah yes, the conspiracy theorist

Boohoo, creative constructor game forces you to change your builds a bit and think about the new co-drivers’ perks… Poor soul, must be 9000 pages to read to understand all the new changes?

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Big bully :roll_eyes:

How is selling intel points a bad thing? Thay are easily obtainable, you can get them by simply playing any game mode, you don’t have to sacrifice anything to earn them. The devs even made 3 main playstyle co-drivers almost 3 times cheaper than the other ones.
But some people are willing to pay money to unlock co-drivers faster, so why deny them the opportunity? Nobody is forced to buy these.

nobodies forcing them to add them in either. we dont need more predatory microtransactions in games. we have way to much of these as is. we want the game to be about fairness not about wallet warriors ready to bust out thousands of dollars to get to the top and have multiple advantages over other players. and before you say “it doesnt impact other players” it does, new players have to wait till LEVEL 30 in order to unlock a co-driver, meanwhile veteran players can enter a match with a co-driver on and have an advantage over a newer player. so get out of here with your “nobody is forced to buy these” bullcrap. you know people can and will take advantage of this.

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You do realize that under level 30 players are totally separated from players over level 30 in different queues right?


The co-driver system needed overhauled, it was too damn expensive for the meager benefits. Once I read over a year ago that they planned on revamping the system, I just didn’t waste any more time or resources with them. But I don’t think they needed to introduce yet another resource into the game. They added a problem and are now selling us the solution; just like every other game that has predatory MTX.
The amount of intel you get for “simply playing any game mode” (which is not the case, I’ve received 0 intel from the new Chase mode. IDK about raids yet; no fuel) is absolutely pitiful compared to how much you need to unlock any co-driver. Plus the limits on your weekly gain and how much you can store; it’s just more grind that you can bypass with your wallet.

This is not really true, you now have a bonus resource that you never got before. And you get a TON of it per match.

This makes it so new players do not need to spend resources on drivers and can craft or sell more instead.

Also in the sprite of the season they have added a “pay to advance” feature just for the season.

If you notice the driver points are only sold under the season tab.

Also, you can get “4000” pts a week. The bottom 3 drivers are only “3000” so even if you only get “2000” a week you can max out those drivers in a little over a month WHICH is waaaaaay faster and less damaging to new player accounts.

This change was needed.

Go fix your builds :slight_smile: and party on!


It’s a system we see other games abusing regularly, so I get the apprehension. I really do, and was hostile towards it at first too, but I’m not seeing that happen here with this.

I still think Crosscrowns are dumb, though. I’ll let somebody else defend those.

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