Intentional weekly or what?

the weekly mission “win 5 battles in missions with scrap metal as the reward” can only be completed through pvp… seriously devs?
i just did patrol vs ai and it doesnt count. im getting really tired of them trying to force pvp on us constantly.
this means i and others who do pve are locked out of it unless we do pvp.
first they try to force pvp with clan confrontation and reputation then this.
im tired of the devs trying to pull fast ones on us, im tired of them constantly trying to push pvp when there are solo players and people in here who dont like pvp. im just tired of this crap of them trying to take so much away from us to force us to do something that other users dont want to do.


They really don’t appear to care, do they? They are sure this system is the right way, and seemingly aren’t likely to change it.

IDK know how you like to deal with features you don’t like, but I think drones are sufficient for me. It does turn the game into a bit of a drag, but that’s what I would do. I’d simply throw a drone boat together and just tool about PVP, not getting too caught up in it. Eventually the bell rings and I’m done with that crap challenge.

It is unfortunate that I am treating more and more the game’s features this way; with disinterest.

I haven’t bothered with PVP in a while (weeks?), but it used to be all I did. For about 4 or 5 years it was the only mode I was interested in. I’d do raids occasionally.

Now, like you, I have no interest in PVP, which for me was most of the game…I’m trying to like PVE, and I’m not sure I’m going to make it, frankly.

But anyway, you probably have your own solution, but I would simply toss some drones in the back and let them do their business, while I scooted about, jumping off cliffs, until the match was over, and sequentially until the Pavlov’s ringer dings, and I can pack up my drones and get back to the features I did like about this game…supposing there are any left at this point. I’m a bit on the fence about that, myself.

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The other challenges clearly state to win five battles in get the wires or get the batteries, only scrap is worded in a way that any battle for scrap would count., such as Patrol or Clan Confrontation. Fix your English!

i have 3 fuze drones with 2 of them fused but the drones do such crap damage that its not worth me running them. even with the cabin thats made for them they are just not usable, even with the harpy and the increased explosion radius and ammo its not doable. from the insanely long reload time, to the unbearably ridiculous 7 seconds of activation time for increased damage until they go poof they just arent reliable at all.
anacondas are even worse, big targets, long reload time till they fire again, very low damage, poor tracking and just plain not usable.
copter drones arent usable as they get deleted in 0.5 seconds.
turret drones are useless due to the low damage and easy targets.
grenadiers are laughably bad now.
annihilators are weak to (and im not buying 2 more of those thanks).

i WANT to run drones again, i really do. but its just not doable. i used to run fuzes back then and i did really well with them but now… its like they are just a joke.

yes exactly, i thought patrol vs ai would do but no. its strictly only for patrol pvp. this is bullcrap because im locked off to alot of the ways to make badges. i dont do pvp, i dont like doing wires or batteries so those are already locked off to me.
all of these are locked off to me except scrap when i do patrol vs ai but that cant complete the weekly. that and the dismantle 5 items is just ridiculous even if its for 100 badges i dont like wasting my resources.

I know what you mean. They nerfed these Fuze drones right after I fused a full set of them. Ya, they seem worthless, even fused. I wasn’t thrilled.

I did have surprisingly better luck with Sidekicks, last time I took them out. So, I’ve been leaning on those. They seem to be hitting pretty hard, but way down low, like ps 4-5K. They’re still not great, but if I run drones, lately it has been Sidekicks.

PvP offers so much more rewards and it can be done with any weapon even commons.

For example the below build will get me an MVP 1 out of ever 2 or 3 games. My parts are fused but they don’t need to be.