Interesting To See, How Bad Wheels Are Right Now 🤦‍♂️

I Just Record This, Because I CanNot Believe How Much They Was F*cked Up After New Singularity Update :tired_face:

Here SHIV’s. They Drifting Now +100%. No Grip :exploding_head:

Here APC’s. They Drift Maybe +20%. Grip is Soo Much Bigger

Here SHIV’s with 2 Large Wheels. Just For Fun :rofl::rofl::rofl: Grip +1000% WTF

My main shotgun car is 4x shivs I don’t think it’s bad at all. I’ve barely ever changed parts on the build too other then an exterior armor bit now and then for the last 10 changes. Its in my dailies rotation but I’ll play it for fun too. What your trying to do might be out of scope of their intended changes.

This is Maybe Great Only with Jannabi Cabine but Not with Limited Firing Angle Weapons :joy: This Accuracy/Grip is Very Important.

I do a fused cerb cab with 3 upgraded maces, 2 fused seals, 1 fused cooler, 1 fused cheetah, 1 fused maxwell, 4 fused shivs, 1 fused chameleon… I slide but I work it into the play style for my own benefit. If you’re not doing that your probably not use to them. With the exception of the rear every side of the build can do damage while moving.

My wheeled builds are also performing great after the update.
Lower rarity tires have less grip, and sand maps are slippery for everyone.
If you are oversteering a lot, you probably have too much mass in your rear. If you are understeering, you probably have too little mass in the rear (or too much in the front).
Those issues can be fixed by changing armour pieces, or by moving your ST and non-ST wheels around. To fix oversteering, put non-ST in the rear, and to fix understeering, put your non-ST sandwiched between ST in both the rear and the front (or just use all ST wheels).

Nope. Definitely Wheels :kissing: Before Update Even Ballons Was Better Than SHIV’s :laughing:

I remember at some point they made traction for all wheels the same within that rarity. Epics have more traction than special, which have more than rare, and so on.
But since 2.0, mass seems to have a much stronger impact on traction, so that could explain why heavier wheels might feel like they have more traction than light wheels of the same rarity.
I’ve only been playing epic wheels since the recent update, so I can’t comment specifically on your shiv problem.

Studded Wheels Had Biggest Traction One Day :thinking:

Wheels are about the only thing I’ve experienced, since the update, that seems to have improved, and by a lot, IMO. But, I like the drift, and was more or less cancelled when they nerfed wheels. Without the drift and speed, by goose is cooked. Not much I want to play is playable…mmm, no. That’s understating it a bit. Nothing I want to play is playable, is more accurate.

Also, I’m glad to hear a report of there being any difference at all in the way wheels handle. Like Poony4u said, there was a time not long ago they they were all basically the same. I thought it was awful.

I do think that folks running ST wheels in the rear may find them a good bit less controllable. I usually don’t do that. I want that “Dukes of Hazard” car chase experience, and a conventional set up gets me there pretty good with this latest update.


I’m having fun on my wheeled builds again.

My shivs are fused for traction so…