Introducing a new level of the game where the players could fight with Leviathans every day

Idea is about expanding the game with new level/levels where the players would have the possibility of fighting with their Leviathans every day - not only the Leaders of the Clan but every player, the member of the Clan or not.


Leviathans could definitely use some love. I like the idea of them, but not the state they’re in.

I think it would be cool if there was 2v2 Leviathan PVP mode where each Leviathan could be controlled by 3-4 players.


You can play your levi against other levis in Custom battles now. You won’t get rewards, but it can still be fun.

Go to Game Center → Missions vs Survivors. Set up your teams with live players and/or bots. Bottom left of screen, click the appropriate symbol for car/copter/levi, and it will use what you have active in your garage. Other live players can also decide which type of vehicle they wanna use. Bots will use levis if you select a levi. You can have up to 16 levis fighting all at once.


this idea was mentioned years ago nd the devs said they have no plans on it

ok, thank you, it’s good to know.

This has been one of my biggest desires for the game for a long time: some way of battling with our leviathans outside of CW.
Or at the very least be able to watch replays of our leviathan matches.

Maybe they could add a leviathan mode to CC? Or patrol, since it already alllows helicopters?

My ideal version of Crossout PVP would be 12v12, with one leviathan and two helicopters per team. But I accept that would only be possible if Crossout was a much more popular mainstream game.

I’m in a mostly Levi clan and we have Levi custom battles to practice Levi wars and tweak our loadouts.

Kinda wish we had a daily Coliseum quest for people who enjoy adventure. Just go in, face a levi that’s worth 200% of your group’s PS, get some crap reward.


I would play that for sure, especially if I could drive my Leviathan.