Inventory items

So when you click on an item in inventory to then click trade to see the price of said item, doesnt work with a CK on so unable to see price of item unless i go directly to market or take the CK off. This is quite annoying. You can allow us to see market price just not list it. I know this is small and petty but just one of those little things that would make gameplay a little better.


Put it in game suggestions: Suggestion for Crossout future development

I don’t know what else to tell you.

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It’s because with the CK on it is a different item.


Is it really a big enough deal to make a complaint post about? No. No its not.

It’s an easy enough thing to change why make fun of the request? QOL updates are nice.


I would want a little warning message that I do have a CK applied before selling something, but the OP’s original point is a good one. Streamlining is always a good thing. :slight_smile: