Invisibility Knowledge

What does anybody know about XO invisibility?

Does paint colour affect the cloak at all?

Sometimes i see a blur shape and then sometimes the shape is so translucent i cant see anything. Im guessing this is distance related?

Cant think of much else…cept i love to use cloak builds.

paint does not affect invis, distance does

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Speed and distance are the only things that make you more visible. Faster speed means you are more visible, and being closer also makes you more visible.

Does anyone know if headlights are visible?

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they are, i tested it


The cloak is like a mask and you can track it easily but only at some distances.

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Oh well, still not going to stop me from putting lights on all my builds. I feel naked if my build doesn’t have headlights and brake lights.


I am convinced that invisible enemies is easier to detect with lower graphic settings, I play with a potato PC and have no trouble spotting invisible enemies within the spotting range, to the point that I’ve been accused of cheating a few times

I think that all the extra “noise” with full graphics and effects makes invisible enemies harder to detect because people keep driving past them and missing them all the time when looking at other people play while I am dead

Potato settings always give an edge, in every shooter ever.

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I stopped doing brake lights as i think they make u a better target from behind from greater distances. I still put headlights on most of my builds but only find myself turning them on when the map is dark…i just think it looks cool.
Another reason i dont do tail lights is because i usually need all 80 parts and lights take up precious spots i need for other more important pieces.

I keep using them as I noticed teammates ram (rearend) into me less with them on when I stop quick in some builds.


Agreed here, the headlights are just here to get sniped by enemies, but ALWAYS strap a giant red light on your butt for PvP. People are extremely dumb and they need all the help you can give them to not ram into you at 80 kmh straight out of spawn.

I always kind of surprised at how many people pull out in front of me while I’m going 120km/h too, it’s like the fast moving blip on the minimap isn’t apparent enough for them… That’s generally what happens to me when I end up t-boning other players by accident.

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Hmmm, I’m torn on that. Onone hand, Ihate when someone brakes in the middle of nowhere in front of me. On the other hand, I don’t understand why people are so careless around the obvious sniping spots on many maps. One would believe that after ramming dozens of snipers on the same spot, people would realize that sniper builds are likely to stop at Sector Ex’s ramp/right out of spawn on Quarry/on top of the small hills of Nameless Tower/etc…
I usually take extra steps to park against a wall AND to ping my spot, but you still get sent to the moon by the average shotgunner every now and then.

I have no actual stats on this, but I’d say a solid 1 or 2 games out of 100 are straight up given by teams driving like idiots in bottlenecks. I’ve seen absolute nonsense game where 5-6 cars end up piled on front of the whole enemy team lol.

I don’t think they are putting much thought into anything when doing stuff like that. I get plenty of players just backing up into or on some of my builds too. Which really bugs me with some weapons as I end up doing self dmg from the explosive rounds. I kind of wish they would do a friendly fire counter just so players could see how many shots they end up blocking during a match.

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