Iris rangefinder?

Anyone else agree this thing needs some sort of real rangefinder? Next to the reticle it displays the distance to target?

Or perhaps a dedicated fire computer module? One that displays distance, and adjusts your cannon elevation accordingly?

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you are the gunner and auto then you become a bot or a console player :rofl: :kissing_heart:

I wouldn’t mind just having numbers that correspond to the weapons range at elevation. Outside of that players should remember what they remember as per actual distances on maps. i.e. oh they’re over there I remember that being near 350…

I think it should be like that for most of the scopes though.

we have a range in the garage for a reason,test/practice/
it wouldn’t make a difference knowing the distance,you still need to adjust to hit something.
that’s a skill you need to learn.

Sure it would make a difference it’s faster to remember a number and a near location then count the lines on the scope. Any amount of time saved getting into the scopes base range gives you more time to adjust. Similarly once you’ve keyed it in closer it makes it easier to return to near that position from ducking and covering. There’s also plenty of maps where a cannon can shoot clear across the map too.

I like Iris as it is. I use it more than the other two.
But I do think we should have another epic scope for artillery/projectile drop.

I use all of them, some for different things more often then others.

I don’t even really need the markings to predict the drop as much as just having a number matching the angle of inclination shown for faster referencing so like I said above I don’t have to count the lines.

Calcing out distances might be useful for exploring firing positions but it’s really not enough info to calc the full trajectory unless your at the same altitude. It would just give you a better idea then no number at all gives and probably could just be added to existing scopes. Things like vehicle base angle, vehicle altitude, target altitude, target range… would be needed to really calc full trajectory for a shot and we don’t have all those numbers unless they open them up for us and I don’t think it would be that much fun to try to tap all the marks in manually.

A artillery scope that actually puts you into a mandrake like targeting system might be interesting for cannons like the avalanche but many of the cannons it probably wouldn’t be that great for as they are going to have to figure out some way of dealing with aim time and shrinking the target circle over time as well as enlarging it for spread if moving to make it fair. So for most cannons it probably would be a slower system to deal with. I mention avalanche though as taking long range shots with that is currently a bit of a pain.