Is Crafting Extra Onamoris and Millers Worth It?

On Xbox, before the Radiance battlepass, Onamoris were 15,000 coins and Millers were 3,500 coins. Now, Onamoris are 5,000 coins and Millers are 900 coins. I’m currently 1 extra Onamori and 3 extra Millers deep in the investment and thinking about investing in much more. Millers are a huge hit and new players always want a fused set. Onamoris are essential, but they don’t need to be fused and you only need one of them. Everyone who really wants an Onamori probably has one.

The trouble is, there are many veteran players who see things the same way I do and are investing deep on Millers. I’m worried that what seems like a good thing could flood the market with cheap Millers for months.

The only way to fix this and ensure profits would be for veteran Xbox players to form an Onamori/Miller cartel and set buy prices for both. That is, no cartel member can sell a Miller below 2,000 coins, and no cartel member should be alllowed to sell an Onamori below 8,000 coins.

The problem with forming a Crossout cartel is that there isn’t any way to enforce rules among members and there is too much of a supply to realistically monopolize the market. After the battlepass is over, cartel members would have to be committed to buying all the cheap Millers and Onamoris off the market. This is a huge investment and may not pay off for many months.

maybe we can use them in another battle pass crafting tree , since they like to give us rewards that we have to use towards other rewards (i hope im wrong)

it will be interesting to see where the price of millers settles at after this event is over

A crossout cartel? Hilarious. Good luck with that, Don Jefe Darthstall

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I was thinking, as a potential Crossout cartel organizer, we could divide turf between the members by time. That is, a cartel member would have certain timeslots to sell Millers within a given price range. That would reduce friction between members. For example, If Hawk was in, he could have the Wednesday ET time slot where he wouldn’t have any competition selling Millers on Wednesday in the under 2,500 coin price range, subject only to the rule that he wasn’t allowed to sell Millers below 2000 coins. I realize that weekend time slots are favored, so maybe we could have weekends be a free for all, and then divide the other days by time.

I know your just joking :slight_smile:

But something like this would be against the TOS, if your serious you might want to plan somewhere else and destroy the evidence

Ha ha. Yeah I’m joking of course. But, I feel like people who craft event items they don’t need should not sell them at a reasonable price. If I craft an Onamori or a Thor, I will never have any enjoyment out of these items as I already have them. Their only use is to fetch a high amount on the market. Why then, are people crafting stuff they don’t want, and then selling it for meager profits on the market?

Also, what is against the TOC? The use of the word cartel? We can change the title to “collective market club” like Costco, or maybe call it a “union”.

Greed is good.

You can’t do anything that would openly manipulate the market.

All of the verbiage is fine :slight_smile:

And when it comes to the market, I’m as greedy as it gets. I want everyone’s money.

On reviewing Crossout Rule 9, the following appears to be illegal:

  1. Selling items in real life for in game consideration.
  2. Selling to your friends at less than arms length price.
  3. Making sales outside the market, i.e. selling accounts.

Thats it.

There is a catch all provision for doing anything that generates excessive complaints. That might apply if the buyers knew they were dealing with a Crossout market club.

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Sign me up :wink:


No really

I joke, I joke


agreeing with monkey. its just somewhat dimwitted to incriminate yourself out of the blue without any reason whatsoever.

like patentgaming talking about how he teamed up in brawls. you quoting the tos is in the same spirit. trust me bro, if you succeed in running a “cartel” and get caught youll get banned for sure. youre not being extra clever “admitting” it and then citing tos and yadada, theyre going to ban you no matter what if you do obviously “wrong”, “forbidden” things like this.

its also really important life advice, learn to shut your mouth before it gets you in jail.

then again, nothing will happen to you because i doubt anyone cares, this is a safe space after all!

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FOMO. As they see prices drop, they are even more incentivized to sell, regardless of profit, to try to get as much as possible.
Supply is high and demand low right now.

It will clear out after a BP or two attracts new players that do not have them.

Zero bans in the entire existence of my accounts. Zero. On any game, any platform encompassing 25+ years of online play. Not even a warning ever.

Your assumptions are false.