Is Crossout Cross Platform play now?

I was playing match and seen someone with symbols in there user name. I am Xbox player.
Well I was wondering why is cross play feel not even different then b4… Could not even find a match for a raid waited like 5 minutes for normal copper raid, Only people was doing plastic.

I thought this was suppose to help wait times not make it worse. ???

Is it actually crossplay now?

No. They failed

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They pretty much lied about crossplay.

Said they where working on it and then when the time to launch it came… all of a sudden no work was done.

Yeah, I don’t see cross-play coming, at least anytime soon as you’d have to ask yourself how cross-play can make money for them.
It doesn’t so it’ll stay on the back burner if on the radar at all, I think Monkey is right they just said it was coming so people wouldn’t ask for it but they probably weren’t even thinking about it let alone working on it as they said it was coming numerous of times and each deadline came nothing. Unless they figure out a way they can monetize cross-play I don’t see it being a thing!

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Crossplay would definitely help the game grow players, so there is that reason to do it. More players means more opportunity to make money for the game.
I’m not giving up hope. I don’t recall them ever giving a firm deadline for it, so it may still be coming.

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They said crossplay near end of 22’. They have since avoided discussing it, leading most to assume it wont happen.



And not only that, they promised it was coming and was already being worked on in multiple live streams.

They said “hopefully”, if I remember correctly.
That can still be true, even if they blew that loose deadline. Similarly, they may still be “working on it”, although it seems safe to say they have other things that are higher priority right now.

It really needs it so bad on Xbox probably PS too… Im not worried about PC players. Its not CoD so keyboard and mouse really dont give that great of a edge :stuck_out_tongue:

Like all the pro / good players run off any new joining players on Xbox. They make the annoying pesky builds like drones, mines, and augers / shotty. To name main ones.

Well it can make money if they keep players. Xbox pro players / tryhard run off new players so fast trust me i know i tried to introduce many friends to Crossout but they get frustrated because of the pro players. Because they run the most messed up builds and noobs can no avoid combat with them almost every single game because the player pool isnt enough.

Cross-play would keep players around thus make more money because it would have more players wanting to play the game.

Like anyone that plays xbox and runs 2499, 4699 they would know there is so many messed up builds and they run in clan groups of 3 or 4 and they win 90% of the games in a row. The other team going against that isnt going to stay if they cant win at all.
It runs off players its why I try to help the new players much as possible.

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If I had an XBox, I would probably play something else. My son has an XBox. He plays something else.