Is it nessassary for the "power unit" to require 2 energy

The power unit requires 2 energy for only 2 weapons in the game.
While omimori requires 1
Flywheel 1
I find it a bit excessive, why not power unit be 1.


I agree!

I think so, they are fairly powerful modules for more technical PE players. The Omamori is just OP bullshit that should be removed and the flywheel while nice, doesnt seem as effective as the power unit in raw effectiveness nor versatility. As an example I have two identical Astraeus’ builds, one with Deadman and one with Ghost. Ghost is the best for me because I get better use when I’m not trying to contest DPS weapons. A slower reload goes better with a peekaboo playstyle that does more alpha damage. Power unit can switch from SG build defeating DPS or cannon defeating range. I have trouble shooting PE builds when they are shooting me because the projectile SFX is that disorienting.

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There is no problem with its balance, many plasma rifle players will use it to enhance their weapons, I would prefer it to enhance other energy weapons rather than being used singularly for plasma rifles

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The problem is not the power unit, but that Omamori is so powerful that it doesn’t even make sense as a 1energy module

Units of power are ergs per second (erg/s), horsepower (hp), and foot-pounds per minute.

I think that it is necessary for Power Unit to be two energy. First, Helios is powerful even without the Power Unit. Second, Power Unit’s two modes effectively gives Helios huge boosts to bullet speed, damage and range as you use whichever mode is suitable for the situation. Third, Power Unit has way better fusions than every other module. The fusions are as follows:

  1. You always get -33percent delay when switching between modes, then you get 1 of the following:

+15 percent range
+20 percent bullet speed
+10 percent weapon charge speed

This is crazy as no other module has increases in the effectiveness of the guns it serves from fusions. For example, when you fuse a Flywheel, you don’t get extra reloading. When you fuse an Apollo, you don’t get 5 points of energy.

Flywheel decreases reloading speed by 20 percent, not a maximum 36 percent with fusions. Also, the Power Unit can have an increases of 50 percent bullet speed with fusion or 35 percent range with fusion. If you are a dedicated Helios player, you will collect all 3 Power Unit fusions to see which one fits your playstyle.

I get that using a Power Unit makes Onamori use difficult on a Helios build, but this is okay. Throw it on a Beholder hover and use both. Beholder, Cheetah, Power Unit, Onamori, Icarus VII=extremely nasty build.

I am very much supported with the article and I will get many benefits from it.

wait it really gets that for fusion??
thats kind of… broken… i dont have one of these myself. i sold mine back when i could get a ton of coin from it. and i really dont want to spend coin on getting it back.