Is it normal to get banned from general chat for saying hello?

So I have been banned a few times in a row now for nothing! The first fime i was asking for help, i asked " What level do legendary weapons unlock in the market?" I got banned for 7 hours

Then 7 hours later i asked, " any players on ps5 here? Banned 5 hours. Now, 5 hours later I just said " hello everyone" now im banned for an hour. Is this game really so broken that it bans people for talking at all?


This sounds made up …

Normally, I think it would be easy to agree with that, but I live in a clown world, so I have no idea what is too stupid to really happen anymore, especially in Crossout. IJDK, but I think we’ve been through a shenanigan like this just recently, where it quickly became obvious why the cat was banned.

There was a significant XO-me2 movement that followed with it too, so…I still really don’t know what to think.

I do know what the forum moderator is going to think. He’s going to think that this is an inappropriate channel to vent these concerns, and direct the OP to the front desk. Then he will close this thread.



All i know that everywhere are humans, and humans behaviour is not always predicted. If this is made up or not, idk. Would need raw evidences, like full chat logs for sure.

Hello !
If you think a sanction is unjustified, you can appeal with that link : Game rule violations & Appeals against a penalty - Rules - Crossout

Discussing it on a public topic isn’t the way to solve it.