Is it possible to have a second account on console?

Is there a way that I could use another profile on my PS4 to start a second Crossout account? And if it is possible, does that break rules?

I’ve been curious for a long time what the actual new player experience is like these days. To me, the grind seemed much worse when I was a new player compared to now. But I don’t really know how all the changes since then play out at the beginner level.

Of course, you can do it on Xbox. As long as you are not using them at the same time in match against each other to boost your XP then it is not considered cheating, it would be like someone else who lives with you on another profile on the same console.

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I think you’d have to look through the TOS, I know they really frown on anything trade related so unless you do a lot of market stuff with yourself you might go under the radar. It’s hard to say though with out contacting them about it.

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Is there a way to get the various old free packs on a new PS4 account?

yes, I’ve been helping a friend get into the game so I’m on a fresh account to help not screw them… sadly it’s 80%+ seal clubbers though, lobbies of 30+ don’t seem to be separated.

As long as you’re not trading with yourself or some other boosting/cheating then I don’t see why it would matter, for them it’s just more potential pack sales.

Not sure what you have to do to make another account on PS4/5 though, on Xbox you basically just need a second email to make an account.

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Is your second account F2P? How did you find the early grind this time around?

It is, I’ve made an concious effort to run basic builds which wouldn’t be close to seal clubbing, a few Luparas at 2499, now 2 Therms at 4699.

It’s nott hat bad if you know what to do of course… told my friend to hold their resources until level 8 where you unlock the marker and then sell those resources to make coins to simply buy the items you want. This helped us both tbh…

Knowing to swap to Nomads until level 2 for a small plow, then stay on Lunatics for some frames is also helpful information to know. Grabbing fuel barrels early on was a good method too… I’ve just been using my fuel on plastic raids and selling the plastic for some easy money, 100 plastic going for 80c ish on Xbox… that can get many rare items and is usually half the price of many special rarity items.

The grind is insane compared to when I began… but I did start the game before a massive 10x XP nerf… It takes days to get a few levels and getting coins without my plastic raid method would be painful.

Honestly the worst part is just that there aren’t any real new players, it’s almost all seal clubbers. At 2499 I’d say 60-70% were just 30+ seal clubbers and at 4699 it feels liek 80-90% seal clubbers…

When on my team theyhave co drivers so I know they’re over 30 and I recognise a lot of them from when we played at 2499. It’s kinda sad really… to see how little players must be making it past the 2499 level due to these sad people who can’t compete properly in the game.

I know Targem could segregate better but these people know what they’re doing. Growl and low clearance wheels are such a stupid problem, I never realised that low clearance were 40PS… the same as starter wheels with all those benefits. Running ingto multi-leg players as low as 2499 and 4 legs at 4699… Our community is such trash ngl.

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Dude what a question :joy:
Just do it and dont shake :squid:

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Sharing, or especially selling / buying accounts got people banned.

Having multiple accounts for yourself - not a problem.


Nope, it doesn’t break the rules. My wife, sons and one daughter all had accounts on my Xbox One.

As long as it’s played as a normal account and nothing nefarious, it is not against TOS. (tbh Gaijen probably likes us to have multiple accounts, more temptation to spend the Hamilton’s.)

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