Is the PS of armour too high?

The upcoming update may seriously change how armour is used, and it got me thinking about whether armour raises PS too much in relation to the advantages it gives.

The only builds I play above 15kPS are heavy builds. That isn’t because they are good, but more because carrying all that armour raises my PS so much compared to the same weapons and modules on a light build.
At the same time, that extra HP doesn’t seem to help much, as many high PS weapons can put out an overwhelming amount of damage and because the extra mass slows you down so much.

Then again, I still enjoy playing those slow heavy high PS builds, so maybe there’s no problem.


it’s either that or the ps of weapons mods and cabs all need to be reworked. Thinking on it all…what if we had the option to determine the durability of parts, and that selection directly effects the PS score. Like, all the parts come with their set stats like normal, just, we get to toggle from 1 to max dura for that part.

The PS of armor is a minimal part of total PS of a car. This also scales as you get better parts.

Lower PS guys shouldn’t be able to use all the best armor and stay in the same PS range.

There are many armor parts that need higher PS IMO

So if low PS guys want to stay lower PS they need to use less effective armor (lower PS parts) to stay low.

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You don’t often play heavy cabs though, right?
I only notice it when making really high durability vehicles, and I’m always surprised how high my PS can get, even when using just special or epic weapons.
But maybe it’s not a problem, if that extra durability is worth it. I’m just not sure it is.
If heavy cabins had 12 energy I probably wouldn’t notice, but the combo of less energy and more PS and lower speed seems like a big liability.

Well, currently I have not been playing heavy cabins. But over the past 5 years or so I have played plenty.

Lowering armor PS is not going to fix this because it will also lower the PS for Med/light cabins.

As you get higher HP your PS should increase.

I will agree with this.

But that is not an armor PS issue. That is a heavy cabin energy issue.

only heavy cabin I use is the new one everyone says sucks. I changed my fuse to +power and I love it for my Nothung builds.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with normal armor parts PS. It’s weapons and modules that need further spread increases. (whether that is speed increase or energy increase or PS decrease idk)

Heavy cabins in general need reworked. In a game where speed is Emperor, snails get eaten. 60-70 km/h builds are (generally speaking) really just target practice on a very large target.

I cannot express enough there is durability… and there is effective durability. One of the hardest parts of building is this theory. (efficiency)

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This is a very hard concept for most people to grasp.

I have a quad porc hover Catalina build that is used by many people in High PS and it has around 700hp - this thing can tank a massive amount of damage from the front because of how the armor is built. With 700hp this thing should be dead in a single shot from some weapons, but it’s effective armor is much higher then the total HP of the car.

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You could write a novel based on the methods & theories behind this… and when the next update drops, it’ll almost all be antiquated. :sob: :laughing:

This stuff is extremely important at lower PS where decor can be better armor than… well… armor.

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Very excited about this.


I’m both excited about it and dreading it.


I am so excited. Probably going to delete a ton of builds and start from scratch, exploring all the aspects of the changes.

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Heavy spiders with properly buried guns are great examples of heavy cabs potential to be OP.

My friend, and one of the best builders in all of XO regardless of platform, Homeroadie, built a Punisher spider with 6 MLs, 2 Slepnirs, on a Humpback, with 4400 durability that will slap any hover Punisher build ever seen. All of its durability is effective durability.

Ill post a picture of it after i get home. Its a beast and amazingly nimble. One of my favorite aspects of it is you cant use it using new contrils due to how small the firing angles are, so to use it effectively, you have to use the old controls, making it a high skill cap build versus the easymode controls everyone is lazily using nowadays.

I removed these controls the first day.

I have only ever played with original controls, I find it easier because I have more control.

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Same… tried the new controls for about 5 minutes & hated it. Made me feel like I was playing a mobile game where the game does half the driving.

I love the new controls, mostly because they don’t cause me hand pain like the old ones did.
It was the big thing preventing me from bothering to learn hovers, and really impeded my ability to enjoy the other strafing parts.
Holding down the joysticks constantly just wasn’t feasible for me for more than a couple hours.

I know the new controls make it impossible to do things I used to do all the time with augers and omniwheels, but they also opened up some other techniques that partially compensate for what you lose.
I make my living with my hands, and I can’t risk messing them up because I spent my days off blowing up cars.

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