Is there a block system in game?

seriously i try to do pvp for getting 4 wins to get these stupid 4 forced challenges for the battlepass done to aquire 40 fuel in missions and some idiot goes ahead and messages me just to insult me.
Lone_Star_Hippy grow the hell up.

i havent done pvp in a long time and im bound to make some mistakes, but calling someone brainless, saying they have a baby brain and still continuing to insult me even after i explained my situation goes to show how childish and immature you are. grow up. i have reported this player on ps4 but is there a way i can report them here to?

seriously people like this are the reason i really hate pvp. people just have their heads to far up their own bumpers. its a game for crying out loud. is there a block system in game that prevents people from whispering you or anything? id sure like to know. i have blocked his profile but can he still message me in game?

all that over me running fuzes to see how they are. some people.

On Xbox you have to block the Xbox user account.

I’m not sure how it is for other platforms.

The human race is garbage :slight_smile: what can I say.

maybe its the same on ps4? ill try it but thanks for the info about that!
also is it ironic that i was running a drone build when he tried insulting me? i find that funny cause drone builds usually get insults thrown at them all the time xD

I do not condone insults and people should be able to play what they want to play…

BUT… if I was the guy to send messages to people after PvP it would be to the drone or homing missle guy running around at the end of a match.

I have advocated for drone buffs over the years, even though a hardly play them. But in there current state they are pretty bad.

But with all that said :wink: screw them. Play what you want. Have fun the way you want and at the end of the day you only have one person you need to make happy…. Your wife… emmm… no I mean you :slight_smile:

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While I do hate to see my team running any drones, especially fuze drones, I certainly dont send them messages. That said, why pay any attention to his mssg? I ignore people or just play along with them. I dont allow any chumps to upset me.

Lions dont lose sleep over sheep…

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oh dont worry if hes on my team again im more then happy to spite him for fun lol.

ive been playing fuzes and honestly… they are BAD… ALOT worse then what they used to be. the recharge time is so long the cheetah doesnt even do it any justice. and i have 2 of my fuzes fused for reload! i just did that over an event for fun just to have them incase they get buffed. i havent tried the muninn but i dont really want to. 7 seconds for increased damage is just… bad… i tried them with a harpy and its not TO bad. i was hitting 200 - 800 per drone depending how open the builds were and sometimes i hit the explosives and got a nice big boom. but all in all they arent that good. also the harpy with a cheetah on bigfoots… my god its like a rhinoceros on ice skates. the build goes so fast despite its armor. not to mention it slips and slides all over the place. i used to have a very good one back when i ran it but sadly i scrapped the design. without a cloak on it now its pretty much useless.

i hope fuzes get a buff and lower that fricken reload time!! YEESH!

I’m sorry you’re getting harassed. The other players are what make and break pvp.

I had gone so long without trying to get fuel, I literally forgot the rules for the fuel tanks. It was the battle pass challenges that made me relearn.

Here are some things I have found that make completing those challenges a bit easier and faster.

Make sure you melt both the big and small fuel tank on your build so you have the potential to get 15 units of fuel.

PVP is easier at lower power scores. Keep your rig small.

That will also get you in and out of matches faster, so you are more likely to complete more matches in the same amount of time playing.

The fuel tanks have to survive along with you, so I build so that if the fuel tanks go, I am probably dead too. LOL

Since the fuel tanks have to survive, rain weapons are a pretty good idea.