Is there a difference in grip between tyres?

One of the key elements on wheels is normally the grip they have for a car, but I see nothing about this in the game.
I saw some old post that grip increases per rarity level, but that sounds kinda odd to me.

Can anyone enlighten me?


There is a big difference. Tire grip is a secret statistic in Crossout. For tires, Bigfoot has the most grip. It is important to note that high grip is not better. For wheels, you want just enough grip to maintain stability at high speed. The reason is if you are sliding, you keep all of your speed coming out of the slide due to game physics. This means that you can keep near top speed the whole match even through sharp turns. The best is to start with a low traction build, then start fusing wheels for grip until you have just enough grip to drive well. My Hermit build which has 8 wheels, 2 regular 6 steering, has 3 of those wheels fused for grip and the rest for power. This is just enough grip to drive well at 107 kph which is how fast my Blight Colossus firedog goes. I think that for best results, the grip wheels should be in the middle of the car.

It should be noted that high amounts of grip at high speeds will make the car flip, jump and crash as it goes over jumps. It is extremely undesirable and is the worst thing about Small Tracks. You want to find a sweet spot with grip.

For low power score wheels, I prefer Arrays, and they don’t have very much grip at all. The most important traits of a wheel for me are how tight the turning radius of the wheel, the size of the wheel and the power drain/tonnage of the wheel.

I thought the devs had removed grip differences between wheels of the same rarity a long time ago? Other than by fusing of course.
I could have sworn I saw something in some update notes a year or two ago.

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I don’t think they can or should evenly balance grip among rarities. Even if grip was uniform across tire rarity, there would be a difference in grip between the tires, as you use different amounts of tires for each type of tires. For example, you would use 8 Hermits or 6 Bigfoots for a light build. If each tire had 10 grip, then Bigfoot car would have 60 grip while Hermit car would have 80 grip. I think that 8 Hermits slides more than 6 Bigfoots and has less grip, but now this is something I want to check.

The other factor would be mass, as I believe that impacts grip (and it sounds like it will have more impact in this update).
So difficult to test grip across tires of the same rarity. Power draw might have some effect too, as you would accelerate differently coming out of turns.