Is there any way for us to browse all game suggestions?

I’d love to peruse all the suggestions people send in to that Google Doc. Maybe open up a new forum where we can discuss and offer feedback?

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you might think im just an arse, but im much more than that, so listen closely: when the old forum got deleted, they also deleted countless pages of the respective suggestions section, no fucks given.

then a dev or high lvl mod came and made one of the first topics basically saying we wont come to this forum, we want the stuff on reddit and give you this crappy forum which we call an update for the few schmocks who get bullied too hard on reddit.

asfaik the mod charlie is the only person relaying whatever happens in this dark corner of the interwebs to the devs.

so all in all, i wouldnt bet on it.

I use to see them state on the old forum fairly often prior to them closing the idea section down when they were copying off idea threads and passing them on. They were generally well fleshed out ideas though with both examples and reference photos in some. I’m fairly sure they saved what they wanted to before getting rid of it.

Community Manager but it’s fairly similar.

There’s about 3 mods that I see lurking on here regularly.

I actually agree that we probably will not see the idea’s from the docs posted in a way we can vote or read them.