Is this a bannable offense?

I’m tired of the 8 year olds on here talking about this “skibidi” nonsense. Just typing it makes me want to vomit on my monitor. It’s literally a guy’s head coming out of a toilet bowl, and it’s driving me bonkers. Please, if you want to talk about this, kindly go somewhere else with all the other 8 year olds (like elementary school), and keep it out of the gen chat/exhibition, or just don’t talk about it at all. I don’t know about everyone else here, but I definitely don’t think this should be allowed. If we can’t talk about politics, religion, or cuss in chat, why are they allowed to talk about toilets with heads in them? Not to mention, all the exhibition builds that look like giant private parts get taken down, so why do the toilets get to stay? If it is actually bannable, I will gladly start reporting these people. If it isn’t, it should be. I don’t think reading chat or looking at exhibition and seeing this guy’s head in a toilet is okay for the last of my braincells. Let me know your thoughts.

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It was funny (in the stupid way) the first time. Now it’s just overdone. The dumbness of the original concept got a chuckle out of me, but now I’m just as tired of it as you are.

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My thoughts we are just getting old enough that we see the younger peoples humor as cringe. Just take a breath and remember that isn’t for you that is for the kids who like it.

They would likely say the same of our stuff like the shrek memes, and Why not zoidberg, if the situation was flipped.

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we (people who were not born less than 10 years ago) didnt grow up on tiktok and other forms of horrible brainrot though

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Nah we grew up on memebase and youtube, which is just as bad. Oh and VINE!

youtube or vine as so so far from being as braindead as tiktok

but youtube back then wasnt so OMG cant have offensive words unlike now a days cause of the delusional type people who shouldnt even have a say in anything cause look at the world

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skibidi toilet 72 (full episode) - YouTube

I like it, it’s like an animation of my drawings that i used to make when i was a little boy back, back in the days.

something like this.

I used to spend entire afternoons drawing in a A4 sheet, men, tanks, ships and planes until it was full, then i started to pew, pew, pew.
In the end was like mutual destruction