Is this an April fools update?

I know it’s not April first but this must be an April fools update cause it’s completely absurd. This update in its current form will kill the game.


I agree, this is madness, graphical part looks so cheap and gameplay is ruined, is this some kind of suicide attempt?
Nothing good about this test server update


We need something to mix this game up. Sideways Hovers have been OP for too long.

Learn to play with the other toys in the box.


its not about mixing the game up all of these changes fucking suck they ruined anything with strafing power it’ll just be dog galore

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I will agree to disagree.

Let’s just hope most of these changes never make it to live. This is not a good patch. The worst in the games history Imo.

lance spark + melee or fire dogs are worse then hovers
90 kph on icarus vii back please

here we go again
@3736931, grab your pants and hold your hat cause we are making cartwheels during this weekend.

I don’t know if this will be good or bad but i feel that i should take an mechanic engineer degree to face all this changes and keep my builds operational


The changes to wheels sound good to me. Basically taking current system and making it more tweakable by building techniques.

As someone who always uses some non-ST wheels, it sounds like I’ll have a lot to play with and experiment with.

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No kidding. This game changes like the wind, and some of the games old features just become irrelevant and never integrated into the latest system. I think that’s an issue, for sure. The architecture of this game is sprawling. Sometimes I think they need to just scrap it all entirely and start over with a fresh canvas.

I can’t wait to see what this update does to the market. I liked the way ML-200s performed, and I would imagine Augers are going to be better. I don’t know my way around hovers enough to really understand what they have done there, but they might end up being less valuable, it sounds like. IDK. I’m sure it would be easy enough to buff them back into shape if they were found to be too weak after this update, though.

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