Is this game over for good?

The developers have given up on balance for this game and it’s just pure frustration and zero fun. Not even a euro in this game

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if i was a dev i be sick to, like ive said in a live stream, the community is divided into 3 groups and the 1 can never just agree cuz they think the game should me made their way cuz they only think about them selves and not the who community, so ya it would get very annoying nd it slows down production on other things nd if ur talking bout match making i even talked bout that nd how to actually balance it out


Yeah, its over, now leave.

Pet Rocks are dead too. It was a 70’s thing. You might not understand.

I don’t think it’s gonna be over for a long time, but I do think we’re in the end-game
Game is at some point going to have to go through either some huge changes to be more attractive to more people, or go full milk the whales for all they got until it dies for good, and honestly it feels like we are just steadily moving towards the latter

The same meta guns will never get nerfed, a few battle passes appear with fresh new shiny parts, all becoming more and more powercreep and pay to win as they desperately try to milk more money, and they’ll just drive people away with incompetence all while that is happening, no new players will touch this game at all and after enough older players get fed up and quit it’s game over


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I don’t think it is but it’s destined to run into issues based on item rarity limitations by itself. Cult type games can have a really long run though so I’m not worried about running out of whales. The game also doesn’t require massive amounts of players to function either which runs in it’s favor too.

I would pay more for less from these developers.

I’m tired of them moving the goal posts.

I’m not a fan of this latest update. I can’t speak for others, but my game plays like schit now, and I play very seldomly as a result, which has been increasingly the trend since “Supercharged 2.0.” That means F2P for me.

I’d like more consistency. I like routines. I appreciate reliable products and will pay more to have them. I am tired of them rearranging the invisible furniture every several weeks, and tripping over it. I don’t want to continue to pay for a game that is still apparently running a beta test. It’s seldom fun, and when it is, it doesn’t stay that way for long.

Any other product that changed quality so often, I wouldn’t buy or consume at all, but this game has a monopoly on the genre, and so it is what it is; a good F2P game, not a reliable P2P game, and not a game I can recommend to others.


This, very well putted

I wouldn’t mind more daily challenges, I wouldn’t mind to see daily clan challenges either. Depending on my mood I often just stop playing when I run out of them or I end up in the garage tweaking builds.

You got to be kidding!..i noticed mine hasn’t moved in years…XD

Personally I am sick of the inconsistencies in the game.

its “very well put”, just a heads-up as the irony of getting this phrase wrong is oh so thick.

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thank you. :slight_smile: