Is this the worst BP yet?

For me, unequivocally yes. The only thing I see using is the flock…and as armor, not as it was intended. It is almost like a BP for a game I dont even play.

What is the general consensus with this BP? How do yall view it?

(Am not buying it)

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There is a difference between getting a battlepass that is cool and a battlepass that has one of a kind necessary gear.

Last battlepass had gear that you can’t live without. In that BP, I used all my lighters on legs and got 10 fused Gerrida legs. I also crafted 8 legs and 2 Pegasus engines. I am currently sitting on these for sale some time after Christmas.

Before that, it was Sleipnirs and Nothungs for me.

This battlepass, I can live without all of the gear. I play helicopters and do great with Nothungs with one fused purple helicopter rotor. There isn’t a huge incentive to craft extra rotors. I collect autocannons but that isn’t “must have” for me. Also, you only need one extra Starfall to complete the collection.

I am definitely going to craft several of the Hippogriff cab to refuse it for power later on.

A lapse in “must have” gear gives me a chance to collect other items on the crafting bench, like the fused Helios.

In short, yes, the BP is light on must have gear, but I like it that way. I need a break from hoarding the next OP Clan wars module that you must have if you care about winning.

There’s usually only a couple things in each BP that I’m excited about, but eventually I always end up using everything.

With this BP, the cabin is something I’ve often wished existed, so I’m excited for that. And the AC is more interesting to me than most ACs, and I wanted to put together a longer range AC build.

The rotors aren’t something I care about using that much, but I’m glad they’ve been added to the game. I’m having more fun playing wheels lately, now that there are flying enemies to deal with and big maps to get up to high speeds.

I’m always happy about new structure parts, but I wish there were more CKs in this pass. Or hubcaps.

I wouldn’t say it’s the worst by far. I like the heli’s but could do without the missile and AI weapon spam from them. I wouldn’t say it’s the worst. It’s just kind of sad that all they thought about was hurricanes when putting flare counters in.

I have zero problems with missiles and rockets and I don’t have the flare deployer yet. Missiles can be avoided, you can shoot them out of the air, you can cloak to drop them, and missle spammers cannot stand up to machine gun fire. Missiles are at most a minor annoyance. Use a teal Chameleon fused for reload if you want to be especially fancy in fighting missiles.

Rockets, usually Crickets or Helicons, miss too often to be a serious threat.

The Flare launcher looks awesome and it will go on every build for all time as sort of a decorative flare that is useful sometimes.

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I like your description of the flare launcher.
I’m somewhat optimistic that it may allow me to ditch the cloak on some builds and free up an energy point.
But at the very least, cool explosions!

The PS range I’m talking about is sub 7.5k it’s a little sad to see players using 2 nests and 2 trombones as their full payload and having all of those in the air. I’m pretty good at dodging them but when there are multiple users on a team with missiles it’s difficult to keep up with. I’ve helped win a few matches just by dodging and getting the missile users to chase me around while the other survivor caps. My favorite so far is getting someone hit with their own nest missiles, though it was complete luck.

I’ve played enough heli matches to see the complaints from other players about it. I normally just say it’s a boring meta… I’m looking forward to the flare launcher too, though that will push my build into a higher bracket but it is still the easiest fix. Had they tossed in a special, and epic flare with various ammo amounts and durability amounts I think it would have helped a lot with the issue.

I play with rockets (crickets) the build doesn’t even have a generator so with out making it clunkier I can’t really pop on a chameleon. I wouldn’t dismiss rockets as a threat though they hit like bricks. Most of the misses tend to be on players, as they move around a little more erratically.

I’d say no, the worst bp still goes to the Amusement Park, but this battle pass shares many similarities with that one in my opinion and quite honestly even if not the worst, it’s a very very close second worst in my opinion.

Even if I am treating heli battles and heli parts like I treat test range building and test range decoration parts, as in I won’t ever make use of this, I don’t like this, I am not going to pay money for this, I will ignore it all together, the current one still offers a bit more general use parts than the absolute bottom tier brainfart that was Amusement Park and test range building and decorations.

But I am not taking part in this pass, I am not forcing myself to grind levels for parts and I put my money into buying the pokemon SV DLC instead. Which was pretty ok

While not the worst it is definitely the second worst and quite honestly this and amusement park bp both can go be put into the shame corner for all I care. I see both of them being the same, devs hype up some stupid new gamemode 2.0 re-inventing the wheel and probably will pump up parts more focused for their brand new shiny whatever, until it fades into the background to be forgotten hopefully

Feels like the worst year in Crossout yet, but that’s JMO. I’m very fatigued with the all the Melee bricks and booster pigs. PVP feels stupid and pointless often.

As for this battle pass, I can probably live without this one…so far so good anyway. I’m not aware of what I’m missing. Anything? The duck? Damn…I like that duck.

I’m living fine without Clan Wars, its update, and whatever that’s supposed to do for me as well.

I’ve never played less of this game, probably. It’s not much of a car game anymore with wheels outclassed by so much, and I’m not as entertained with the game as a result.

“I can’t wait to take their wheels,” she says. Ya, the game actually says that out loud now.


They don’t care about balance, which leads to it being as if the parts that are at a disadvantage don’t exist in the game

It’s been a steady downfall ever since the supercharged for me, there might have been a few little ups here and there but in general the stonks of enjoying this game are steadily going down

I liked amusement park so far as functionality that it brought but it wasn’t really BP worthy. I still enjoy building in the test area. I can make all sorts of interesting obstacles to practice driving and flying around.

I didn’t notice that much difference with shivs and hermits which I tend to use the most. A lot of the other wheels never felt that good to me to start with to me. Which might be why my opinion differs so much.


I think building and driving style also had a big impact on whether 2.0 messed up your wheel experience.

I loved how most of my builds felt right after the update, but some had to be rebuilt. In most cases, all I had to do was swap some bumpers to fix the mass balance, and/or change where my ST and non-ST wheels were arranged.

However, the players who used to rely on handbrake locking all ST wheels hated that it now only locked the rear wheels, and the devs listened to them and gave handbrake too much stopping power for people like me. I typically ran non-ST in the rear, and used handbrake to only lock those wheels. So nothing changed for me, until they caved to complaints and made it more of a tool for stopping than a tool for drifting.

It took a while, but I’ve figured out some ways to get the handling I want, but if I lose the wrong piece of armour the mass balance gets thrown off and it feels all wonky.

I wish they would roll back a bit of the effects of mass balance, and also roll back some of the handbrake stopping power. Normal brake/reverse already locks all your wheels if you need to do that. Let us have handbrake for drifting again!

If you consider the Mini battlepasses, no.

I also thought the Holy Motors BP was pretty bad. Remember when they released that BP before they finished the Master Cabin? That’s pretty embarrassing.

My love for the game has been draining since the last year.

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This could do something with it too with it too, I mostly never used them and always just relied on throttling instead. I still don’t use the handbrake. I still slide around as normal with just feathering it and turning.

I had to do a little of this too but it wasn’t much to figure out.

Yea I’d agree with this as being the bottom of the pile.


I think this BP is more of a cosmetic lift, much like Amusement Park was and, for me, I love me some cosmetics!!! (game wise). There’s games to play purely because we like how they look, then, there’s games to play to develop skills with, then, there’s games to play just to grind out some aggression. I do like how there’s BP’s that cover pretty much those three aspects. But, if I have to pick which one was the worst so far? Radiance BP, not the brawl, the BP.

Especially when the wooden box would have been way better than the Master cabin. I still haven’t seen anyone outside a few bots use it in actual combat, and now we have the Kronos that does what master does, but way better

I myself don’t even consider the mini passes as proper battle passes

If I had to choose what was the worst one, I’d say all of them. There is always something particularly scummy about the crafting recipes in them and they are an absolute money sucking scheme. Just straight up devs whipping it out and pissing in the face of players

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Nobody at Targemis seeing any more of my money with these crappy BPs, lets just say it like that. Maybe if they actually updated their game for f2p, I’d consider dumping some money in?


The only reason I do consider them BP is because they’re the same price as the regular ones. And it’s all recycled content.

I thought the Original Founders and Doomsday cars were good.

I liked Guiding Star. I wish it didn’t introduce those expiring Blueprints though. That is when BPs started to go downhill.

They were good value for the price, but they were also spelling doom for the Knight Riders/Ravens/any kind of f2p update

Fast forward three years and we have factions with empty workbenches because it’s all premium shit.