Is this worth it?

As i’m scrolling through the tabs in the game while i wait for more parts to be finish i found this ( i’m always forget about this craft things outside the factions)
And found this

And guess what … i can afford it.

The problem is… i don’t use it anymore ( it was my very first bought cab back when it was blue ) but hey… it has more mass limit, my nº 1 requirement and less mass on top of that.
I would prefer other things like hawks or sidekicks.
Should i ?
With a cheetah will be a low budget echo e.g. with a more useful perk to me, this, if i not count with the upcoming energy rework

That’s what I picked up for the last lighter reward thing. There was no way I was paying them extra for an extra 4 levels for the next reward up. I’ve never found the perk that useful unless you can deal a lot of dmg quickly.

Cheeta doesn’t affect cannons?

I also picked up the Jawbreaker.

It’s pretty lackluster, IMO, but it was free, and it’s not a bad cab for it’s tier. None of the special tier cabs have ever been better than mediocre, as far as performance goes, IMO. I can’t remember the last time I got an MVP with the Bat, but I did it with this Jawbreaker. It can brawl, and because it is slow, it will have to.

I’m sure it would make a great melee brick too, but I’m not going there.

The Jawbreaker doesn’t have a lot of texture as a model, and is a bit bland in appearance, I think. It’s a wall flower, and leaves a lot to the imagination, but it’s connection nodes are well placed and I think the build diversity is probably pretty high with this cab, due to it’s very regular shape. Somebody creative could build all sorts of things with this cab, I bet.

It is what you make it, I suppose.

No, but will give it more tonnage

I’m doing pretty well with a FAV cab with drones and before the armour piercing changes and gremlins nerf i was doing ok with an echo cab.
But you have a point, too little energy, obligatory engine which leaves only space for only a few types of weapons, bloated PS for what it is

Ah. You said Echo (a reload cabin), and the Cheeta has a perk that reduces drone reloads. You can see where I made the mistake?

Anyways, this is my fusion:

Was a random fusion, but the 200m of built-in radar has come in handy a lot more than I thought it would.

Decent for low PS rocket carriers.

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i never used that cab but honestly less weight and more mass is a really nice fusion to have. if you have nothing else to get id pick it up, you might think of using it again in the future, you never know!