It Has Begun

This is a thing for the next week. Short of it is Clan Wars doesn’t need a clan group for now, solos are available.

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Hilarious how lots of people are panic selling their relics when in reality the event will probably only pay out a few thousand coin to most people. They think their world is ending over a week long event :joy:

Does anyone have any more details or hints about this new way to earn uranium?
This seems like really big news, and something many of us have been talking about for many years.

Edit: just saw the other thread, oops!

Event lasts a week… Pretty much getting the uranium goes by a ranking system and not paying out after every win like CW (thank god or else a uninstall would call my name). As you rank up you get rewarded a bit of ura. And if you no life it and manage to get top 50 then i’m sure you will get a decent chunk of ura as a placement reward.

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