Item suggestion: Bag of hand grenades

1 bag per vehicle - ammo amount increases via ammo packs.
0 en, fairly low mass.

Item works when all weapons have been stripped from vehicle allowing for a small amount of close combat trajectory tossed explosives to be used.

I’ve mentioned this before the end of matches are sometimes really just sad with 2 crippled vehicles just trying to be the last to die making the rest of the team just suffer. An extra little weapon like this could just help hasten the inevitable end of a match.


I like it, but it would be better if we had actual little people in our cars.

I know it would be funny to see an arm out the window but we all still would know what it means.

I would also like our little people to have knives and be able to try to stab the other cars.

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I was thinking it could probably increase the explosive range for suicide based on ammo left. There could be a few little odd perks for it.

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nice idea but not many matches this could be helpful in.
sure they ram eachother,i seen that.i did that. but thats how the game should be,no bag of tricks.

I’ve ended up in enough of them to realize it could be an issue for players. 1 minute of game play trying to kill one player that refuses to suicide with only one shiv wheel as a weapon. I mostly thought it would be a more fun way to end a match that comes to that point.

attaches the grenade to a pyre

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