It's Just one of Those Days

when your team has little dps…

Please define your idea of what builds are DPS and support.

I would argue that quad porcs and quad flash are both support builds.

But they do a ton of DPS.

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you just did,those r dps,and u know what r support :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, those would be support builds.

no,what do u think support builds are? don’t be afraid if you can’t answer :upside_down_face:
wait…this topic is About little dps,i never Said support did I ?..
nice try monkey…i need a toke now thx :rofl:

Yes, but your always going on about the game needing to add something that forces the game to pick so many DPS and so many Support classes and you don’t even know what those are.

The burden of proof is on you my friend.

Quad porc and triple porc kapcan are a great example of a support build. Yes it does have great DPS potential but porcs are an “area denial” weapon. Which is a support roll.

If I’m going into a clan battle and I ask for a DPS build player, I don’t want a porc player.