It's time for teammates to experience game balance

The design looks fine right? I’ll be playing seriously at clan confrontation with this design, hopefully it’ll give me and my teammates a good gaming experience! :wink:


I think so. I like it, but my experience has been that you’ll just get ground up by the melee-brick squad in there.

Good luck though.

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Maybe it’s not just the melee-brick squad.

Or, you’ve got somebody with a quick, toothy dog on your team to wedge them to the wall while you pummel them from a distance.

Good team coordination running complimentary builds is the most powerful force in Crossout. It is the real META, IMO.

Last time I was in there, the Melee bricks were thick, and I’m a loner, so I didn’t always get coordinated teams, or have a well coordinated, complimentary mix of builds. I myself, only have one build that qualifies for the mode, so we usually got steamrolled by the META.

in terms of looks yeah. in terms of weapons they will laugh at you. drones are by far the weakest things in crossout. even my fuzes are laughed at. by the looks of it you got anacondas which are hilariously bad. they are so weak and have such a slow firing rate. sorry man but this is a bad choice of weapons but run whatever you like, its your build! :wink:

But the game developers who know the game best don’t know it’s a piece of crap, so it’s reasonable for me not to know, right? Please mate don’t blame me (blame the developers) :wink:

Under the right conditions, it would be fine. Like if you had a squad with a game-plan that could utilize their strengths. As a loner, I can get Anacondas to work, but only with maximum effort, good random players, and a bit of luck.

Personally, I like the anacondas, but I think they are outclassed at the moment, as a solo player weapon.

Having said that, I still like them for PVP when I’m gathering petrol. That’s what I use on my gas-truck.
I also have some luck with the one I keep in the trunk of my Lance build as a secondary offensive weapon to use as a distraction, supplement, or support weapon after my lances are spent. I’ve even gotten MVP in PVP that way, and I think that is outstanding for a lance-build. That doesn’t happen a lot, though.

they do know actually as many people expressed their dislike of the nerf of drones. they nerfed drones because of the grenadiers, those drones were so broken and overpowered it wasnt even funny. then came in the annihilators… yeaaaaaaah dont get me started on how absurdly broken those were… they were a good defensive weapon but people just used them for cheap and ridiculous kills.

well if your a newer player no you wouldnt, but take the time to look at the drones and see how bad they are. anacondas, while i like them, are incredibly weak. they have slow as hell fire rate, are a big target and do laughable damage.

i aint blaming you. just be informed though that they arent that good.

also i see your running 2 barrier 9’s on the same key… why? barrier 9 is good but i dont get the set up you were going for on that. also are they fused?