It's TIME To Change The GAME!

time for king mine layers to take damage from their own mines,
we take damage from our own weps,and sometimes shoot off our own weps.
so WHY are Minelayers not Taking Damage?..


I thought you were talking about some real change…

and have a real Game? dare you!

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My bad, forgot that XO is an eternal beta boi.

And make them disappear after minelayer is destroyed. Drones are.

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Kings mines dammage the dropper just as much as anyone else. Unless there was a patched I haven’t heard of that changed that.

They do lol, unless he means being able to trigger your own mines which would be idiotic lmao.

Fast builds just run away in time most the time and slow draggers have shit ton of armor both for that and defense from people shooting at them. Have you even played them at least once Mud lmao?

Mmmmm… non-player detected.

King mines -do- damage themselves.

Editing to add: Just a word of advice - this guy (whose name is a technical violation of the TOS and the GMs have been kind enough not to enforce that) can be safely ignored as someone who doesn’t play, doesn’t understand the game, and is just here to troll everyone and cause misery.

Toxic female behavior right here.


I never play kings. And based on all the responce before me, for a moment I had reasonable doubt. I was like, “huh… Did they change kings?”

But I see now they are just derps.

I wouldn’t go as far as affirming concretly what you said the same way, but the guy does gives that kind of vibe from what ive seen of his posts. Plus with that almost whiny post he sent about the game nerfing all his beloved builds I think he did play at the very least, not sure if he still does though.

Harsh and/or toxic maybe, but to be mysogynic about it? Seriously? Df does being a female has anything to do with that?
Any guy can be just as toxic or worse, you literally just proved it yourself by responding that…

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I see, I don’t main them personally, but I’ve used them like a month ago to try and finish a trial requiring the “From the grave patch” so I’d disagree to make them not stay around after the user died, like there’s only few others ways like inci. or werewolf to get that patch AFAIK.

ummm,im a good player,if you don’t believe it,just ask me lol.
but what i was saying is that the minelayer should trigger their own mines when they are next to them,this would make them have to strategically place them.
after all. if you placed real mines and run over them,guess what happens? Boom!

Mactansia ---- then why be burned by your own incinerator? its the same thing,maybe not to you right?

-should of Never had Mines in this game-
and i changed my mind,I’m a Great Player !!

It would be more akin to getting targeted by your own fuze drones or kapkans than burning when you drive in your Incis’ puddles like a derp…


The only thing really annyoing me about mines is rather small hitbox and its hard to deal with them on slow ammo limited weapons like canons, so capping mined base is bit fo a chore.

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Are you a good boi player? :cowboy_hat_face:

No one talked about you being good player or not, sort of makes me doubt your claim imo and kinda avoiding the topic here but oh well, not like it matters much.

Like I said above, triggering your own mines would be idiotic. In reality no, but in-game, yes. Simply because weapons like incinerators or mandrakes can be thrown from distance and mines cant or porcs litering the battlefield arnt as good to unsuspectly trap as mines are.
The other reason is I’m pretty sure irl mines are more of a passive defense/trap that takes time to setup than an actual ingame weapon that is mainly used in a few minutes matches.

Also mine builds are harder to use than people expect them to be, sure it can almost one tap you, but it’s easy to lay your mines and not anyone running into them if youre not careful of where/when you put them.