Its time to nerf the meta weapons

If you want developers to do something, just talking about it here is of limited use, we need to work together to present a unifying idea to developers in suggestions

Also, I wish the developers would publish data on parts usage win rates

It’s a little late to stop strafing parts from being part of the game.
At least now we have several good ground-based strafing parts, so it’s not only hovers that get that advantage.

The way I see it, I don’t need every movement part to be equal, as long as they are all enjoyable to play. I’m not big on how hovers feel, but they feel like they should. I like how augers feel and look, so I’m more likely to play them and try to build and play around their limitations. If I get frustrated with their slowness, I’ll switch to omniwheels or gerridas. Or if I want to build something really big, I’ll go for heavy legs.
But I prefer the feel of non-strafing parts, so I’m more likely to play wheels overall, and I accept that means that fixed angle weapons aren’t going to perform as well. That’s ok: there are lots of weapons that work well on wheels, so I play those until I get bored, and then play some strafing parts.

For me, all the movement parts are fun in some way, even if they’re not all CW worthy, and even if they don’t all work well with all weapons. The differences keep the game interesting.
Having said that, heavy movement parts feel too sluggish. I would like more acceleration on those types of builds, but the new engine helps a lot with those situations.

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