Its time to nerf the meta weapons

There are so many weapons in crossout that are not being used.
Because other cheaper and easier to use weapons perform much better.
I think its about time for targem to balance their game, since most games i join consist of 90% meta weapon users and every game starts to look the same.

I think that I’m seeing more weapon/movement types being played in PvP now more then I have seen in a looooong time. (Can only speak for ultra high PS Xbox)

The game is much healthier since the last patch.

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Meta weapons, styles and options are what keeps many players in the game, their need for a crutch will never be removed because these players are gonna be more likely to p2w their way to items.

all this don’t make sense,show them the money behind what you say…
" all games people play they want to win’ -fact

maybe tell all ‘Casinos’ to balance their games too… :crazy_face:
‘Enough of Nerfing’ i just want to play…
i have to play in PS brackets i don’t want to because players cry…
…enough is enough…its just a game…ffs’’

And those weapons are?..

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I think that in general the more easy to use weapons that do not require much aiming, or any aiming if you just facehug, are way more effective than harder to use weapons that require near perfect precision to even dream of the same kind of effectiveness and performance

I feel like PVP is more diverse than it has ever been, and that the gap between popular weapons and unpopular ones is lower than before.

Is it perfect? Of course not. But I would also argue that for real diversity, some weapons should be easy to use and some should be tricky to use.
Others might argue that any difficult weapon should do a lot more damage, but you have to be careful about that. Even the unloved weapons don’t take that much time to learn to use effectively, so if they got buffed too much, they’d just become the next meta.

Personally, I would be very bored if all my weapon choices were as easy to use as the current meta items. Variety is good.


So we’re back to pre 2.0 times? Time for Targem to give +15 kmh to hovers again so we can repeat the cycle.

Balance team so bad I stopped waiting for a patch that will fix the game, I’m waiting for the inevitable patch that will break it some more U_U

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The developers should publish weapon win rates to prove the balance of the game,I don’t pay much attention to the difficulty of using a weapon, in short, don’t let the weapon’s win rate get out of the way it should be

Win rates don’t really prove anything.

I can use what people consider a “bad” weapon and win all night, but does that make the gun good?

Also people play things more when they are new.
BP items for example - it does not always mean they are good - it just means they are new.

Perception of what is strong will make people play certain things.

Most people don’t have all the gear, so when they spend coin or craft they want to make sure they are not wasting their time. So building the same build of someone else they know is logical.

The fact is - more weapons are good then people think are good. (Not saying some don’t need a buff or nerf) They are just not willing to spend coins on them and the time needed to be good.

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Try missile turrets and drones, but maybe you’re really good and the win rate isn’t just a statistic for you

A lot of those seasonal weapons are upgraded, the win rate is slightly higher as it should be, it’s the developer’s mess, very high should be the usage rate

I’m still not sure what “win rate” has to do with anything. I could play drones all night in a good team and make those things look like they are awesome. But they are not.

I’m not even sure points scored in match is a good indicator. For example at high PS I think a lot of people think porcs are not as good as they used to be. BUT they are going to score high points.

In closing I think that it is much harder to balance this game then people think.

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This is you deliberately trying to pull up the win rate of the drones, but there’s no additional benefit to doing so, and people don’t usually do weird things like this :joy:

Score is not an indicator, usually weapons with high non-precision damage will get high scores

Epic wheels need a durability nerf across the board and camera steering has to be removed. These are two common denominators I’ve seen with dogs and strafing. The dogs are more immune to dewheeling than slower heavier builds ever will be due to the retarded durability wheels have for their speed, and the strafing players are too numerous and dominant because the skill requirement to use strafing has been removed.

I’ve noticed fast turning hitscan weapons are overpowered atm. Nothung, Athena, Dest, shotguns etc. (they are very few but Athenas will consistently farm MVP’s against everything, and Athena bots will clean entire teams in a way that Destructor bots cannot ever do) The straw making the camel cry is all the no skill camera steering hitscan hovers, they are absolutely killing this game and Crossout is not a driving game with this meta.

I have refrained myself from naming those weapons friend, as not to start a flamewar.
When you play enough games im sure you can identify them.

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Are you sure it’s weapons and not modules/cabins in tandem with the former?


I was going to suggest shotguns were probably “one of those weapons,” but you’re right (at least a little); modules are what makes my shotguns so viscous…I think they’re still pretty tough anyway, but when you add some chill and some decent speed, then they become serial killers. Add some fused chill and speed, and you can start pwning kids. It’s pretty bad with the Gremlins and Augers, I think, but not invincible.

Drones kinda suck. The launchable ones work pretty good, but conventional drones suck. No matter whose operating them, they’re going to have to work their assov to make those work…as it should be.

I’d kinda agree on the first part, would make sense to “buff” ML200, Bigrams and tracks. But from what I see in PvP strafing parts are 90% of what’s getting played these days. I’m pretty sure nerfing wheels can wait until they’re actually playable.
Regarding the camera control point, it wouldn’t be enough. Parts should be balanced around their optimal performance. If hovers, omnis and gerridas are untouchable when driven well, then they’re too strong.
If Riot Games didn’t have the common sense of balancing LoL around top level play, it wouldn’t have lasted half as long as it did.

I’m kinda baffled people always blame it on camera controls when we’re still looking at 15 kmh/massive tonnage difference in favor of hovers since 2.0 :eyes:

Regarding movement parts balance… I can only say havy tracks, heavy legs and augers would be a lot less sucky with better turning speed when not moving, and less power drain/better accel. I’m okay with being slow af and unable to dodge, but maybe maneuvering and aiming shouldn’t be a pain in the ass too.
And obviously at some point someone will either need to nerf the powercreep shit, or buff everything else. That’s a reality of those BP games I have seen a few times. The ones who go the second way usually die a slow death because past some point it becomes so obnoxious everybody just quits except whales.


The devs need to restore acceleration (especially when pressing more than one input) to non hovers/gerridas, nerf fast movement part durability, and remove camera steering. That would fix a lot of problems with movement part balance. Tracks and augers still need handbrake turns. Tracks and augers both need to steer tighter and faster than wheels at lower speeds. I think every movement part should also have full reverse speed and ordinary wheels should be able to strafe but only diagonally with a new steering mechanic. (independent steering) They really should be seeking to make movement parts more fun to play because only the strafing parts are fun anymore.

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Oh this reminds me…

Tracks need a less stupid brake lol. it’s just 100->0 in a tenth of a second. It’s dumb, it’s unusable, it makes those way more painful to play than they should be.

I’m against making everything strafe because if I wanted to play a good competitive regular shooter I sure wouldn’t be playing crappy XO. The most vehicular it stays, the happier I am. I just believe the devs seriously have no clues how strong strafing is after nearly a decade. They either don’t play their game, or they’re all missing fingers on their left hands (which would explain the CamsteeringGate)