Jay passive not working

so i see an issue here with the co driver named Jay. her passive ability says “ammo pack mass -20%” however when i equip her onto my vehicle it doesnt work. my mass before adding her 11,609. my mass after adding her 11,609. i have 4 ammo packs on my vehicle but her passive doesnt count in taking off the extra mass and my vehicle is still overweight. this driver is the only one who can really save my build to be able to be used in pve and raids. devs you need to fix this!

Same goes for Yuki passive she has 5% cabin tonnage but no tonnage will be added

Unless it isn’t working at all it’s an oversight with how the new co-drivers work. You will get less mass or whatever else but only in battles, in the garage it doesn’t change anything.

yeaaaaah… i found though that the grizzly driver saved my builds as well and made them a bit more durable.

Good to hear that the sky is not falling after all :slight_smile:

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