Join the real conversation - new changes

As many of the normal forum uses know the dev team does not read this forum.

If you want to be part of the real conversation on this topic then go to the link below.

You will have to know Russian or use the translate feature in google chrome, but that it where you will see what the dev team is reading.

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Here is also an also 3hr long steam

Also need to know Russian :slight_smile:

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I do. But the whine there is identical to English speaking community whine.
Majority is against those changes.
I remember they rolled out some mass limit and tonnage rework to test that ended up going nowhere - I understand that, suggested changes just didn’t make any sense.
But this time, the matter is about making game look more reasonable. If they wanted to reward creativity and exploits, they wouldn’t make all maps full of invisible walls. So I believe there are fair chances they will move through anyway. My concern is if any meta is too strong it will take them months or year to balance things right, as it was with hovers, wedges, MGs and other stuff.

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This is the way. Time for someone else to be in top.

The Meta is stale, this will bring new flavor to this game.

New flavor is fun. But when one build type strongly dominates others making the game go like “play this thing for fair contest with other metas or suffer using anything else” - not so fun game. Why have variety of weapons if only one works? Parsers were the case. And it took forever to balance them, game becoming unplayable for months, unless you wanted to compete who’s better parser operator.

I thought Parsers got nerfed pretty quickly. I definitely don’t remember “months” of them being OP.

There was at least 2 nerfs. First was rather mild, second one really finished the job.

I still find them pretty strong. I use them for my shotgun challenges, and probably get more MVPs with that build than anything else in my current roster.
I only remember the one big nerf though, and it definitely wasn’t “months” after they were introduced.
Someone who cares more can find the actual timeline, but it wasn’t more than a few weeks before they got nerfed hard.

They decimated the Nest before the Battle Pass was even half-way through, if I remember right. Seems like it’s OK now, though.

It’s certainly taken them a long time to address Hovers, though I know they’ve tried, and a good wedge-fix was another trick they appeared to have difficulty executing. Some issues are more complex than others, I reckon.

As far as Hovers go, if they can address the console player’s issue (their lack of access to a test-server is unfortunate), if they release this update, at least they will have a consistent and singular model of performance that they can either buff or nerf without having to take into consideration the popular exploit. That obviously creates an issue when trying to balance them as a movement part, and is a hindrance to marketing them to the public.

If they nerf them for performance according to the popular exploit, then they handle like crap when they make a pack with them and try to sell it to anybody whose taken them for a test-spin first, as is. They suck.

If they buff them according to their performance when used as intended, they become OP when people use the sideways exploit. I think it’s clear that this is how they view the problem, and I think they’ll do this update despite the outcry. They’ve already spoken to their willingness to accept that people may not like this re-work this at first.

As long as Console players are not disenfranchised by this update’s new controller scheme, I am looking forward to this update, and I hope they go through with it.

Between these new changes and the 1958 Fury grill and fins, I’m hyped.